WPWL Women's Super Final, Day 3: USA and Australia remain unbeaten

World League

The USA and Australia remain unbeaten at the FINA Women’s Water Polo League Super Final taking place in Shanghai China since Tuesday June 9.

Defending champion USA stormed the Netherlands 8-3 for their third group match victory, remaining unbeaten together with Australia on the third day of the FINA Women's Water Polo World League Super Final here on Thursday June 11.

Italy will meet the Netherlands, Australia will play Brazil, Russia will challenge the United States and China will face Canada on June 12 for the fourth day of tough competition.

Game 9: NETHERLANDS 3- USA 8 / Quarters: 1-2, 0-1, 1-2, 1-3.

NETHERLANDS: Aarts Laura, Smit Miloushka (Captain, 1), Genee Dagmar, Van der sloot Catharina, Genee Amarens (1), Stomphorst Nomi, Nijhuis Marloes, Sevenich Vivian, Megens Maud, Van toorn Isabella, Klaassen Lieke (1), Van der molen Leonie, Willemsz Debby.  Head Coach: Arno Havenga

USA: Hill Samantha, Musselman Madeline, Seidermann Melissa, Fattal Rachel (2), Clark Caroline (1), Steffens Margaret (Captain, 2), Mathewson Courtney, Neushul Kiley (1), Grossman Ashley (1), Gilchrist Kaleigh, Fischer Makenzie (1), Craig Kameryn, Johnson Ashleigh. Head Coach: Adam Krikorian.   

Game report:
A defensive game which saw both teams found difficulties to shot in the goals. Rachel Fattal opened the score for the USA at 3:52 and Caroline Clark added one more goal to lead 2-0 in the first quarter. After Netherlands' head coach Arno Havenga called a timeout, captain Miloushka Smit smashed one goal. USA scored a 1-2-3 step in the next three quarters while the Netherlands only found the gate twice.

Flash quotes:
Adam Krikorian - USA Head Coach:

It is a physical game. The Netherlands are a very talented team with excellent skills. We are proud of our team, they played defensively. Our goal keeper Ashleigh Johnson was great today. Our success comes from our talented players. More than 10 of them live in a 25-mile area in Southern California. Many of them play in their universities while pursuing their education.”

Arno Havenga - NED Head Coach:

I am disappointed about the results, but my team spirit is excellent. I am proud of my girls. They played very well. We played a very tough game against one of the stromgest teams in the world is.  8-3 is a big difference but we  can be satisfied with our performance and fight spirit of the team. Our goal keeper Debby is very young. She is just 20. We have two goalies, one is 18 and one 20. Generally, the team is young with a lot of potential to be fulfilled. It is time to perform and prepare for the FINA World Championships in Kazan. The whole USA team is real strong and mature. We don't feel embarrassed to lose to a team like the US. Every day we improve our game.

Game 9: USA vs NED Photo credit: Gao Yuchen

Game 10: ITALY 7 -AUSTRALIA 8 / Quarters: 3-2, 1-2, 2-2, 1-2.

ITALY: Gorlero Giulia, Tabani Chiara (1), Garibotti Arianna (3), Radicchi Federica, Queirolo Elisa, Aiello Rosaria, Di Mario Tania (Captain), Bianconi Roberta (2), Emmolo Giulia, Pomeri Francesca (1), Cotti Aleksandra, Frassinetti Teresa, Teani Laura. Head Coach: Fabio Conti.

AUSTRALIA: Yanitsas Lea, Barr Chloe (1), Buckling Hannah, Lincoln-Smith Holly, Bishop Isobel (3), Knox Bronwen (Captain, 1), Gofers Keesja, McGhie Glencora, Arancini Zoe, Southern Ashleigh (2), Halligan Bronte, Zagame Nicola (1), Wakefield Kelsey. Head Coach: Greg McFadden.

Game reports:
A penalty goal at 1:04 to finish the whole game made the difference of victory and failure. Italy dominated for three quarters but it was Isobel Bishop of Australia who turned the table by shooting the penalty goal to seal the win over Italy  8-7. Italy started the game in form by leading 1-0, 2-1, 3-2 always being one point ahead of Australia. However, Australia led for the first time 7-6 in the fourth quarter before Italy came to make it 7-7.  

Game 10: ITA vs AUS Photo credit: Gao Yuchen

Flash quotes:
Fabio Conti - ITA Head Coach:

“Another close and very good game! Only in the final quarter, there was a penalty goal to Australia. It was the shot that changed the game, positive or negative for both of us. We lost that goal. It is important to us. It’s a great training session to prepare for Kazan. Tomorrow we will play the Netherlands, another strong team. It is a game we can win or lose but I am convinced that we have a chance.”

Greg McFadden - AUS Head Coach:

“A tough win! I am proud of my girls because some of them were injured or sick. We were short on numbers. I am very happy. Hopefully they will have a rest now to be ready for the upcoming matches”  

Game 11: CANADA 11 BRAZIL 8 / Quarters: 5-1, 4-3, 2-2, 0-2.

CANADA: Gaudreault Jessica, Alogbo Krystina (Captain), Monton Katrina, Wright Emma (1), Eggens Monika (1), Mckee Kelly, Bekhazi Joelle (2), Fournier Shae (2), Eggens Carmen, Robinson Christine (1), Valin Stephanie (3), Perreault Dominique (1), Colterjohn Nicola. Head Coach: Begin Johanne   

BRAZIL: Oliveira Tess, Bahia Viviane, Zablith Marina (Captain 1), Canetti Marina, Barroncas Lucianne, Chiappini Izabella (1), Oliveira Amanda (3), Carvalho Luiza, Dias Melani, Fernandes Flavia, Coutinho Mirella (2), Mantellato Gabriela (1), Chamorro Victoria. Head Coach: Patrick Oaten    

Game report:
Canada scored a 5-0 within 6 minutes which built up their lead all the way to the end. Brazil came  out from the second quarter and kept stable by earning 3-2-2 in the rest of the game. 

Flash quotes:
Begin Johanne - CAN Head Coach:

We started the game very strong and I was happy about that because we were always slow starters in all the other games. But in the last quarter, it seems like we stopped playing. We could have done much better. But it is a win and we will take it!  We have trained very hard before the Super Final, so I think the pressure is building on. We cannot complain really!
Patrick Oaten - BRA Head Coach:

“A really bad start. We were improving in third and fourth quarters but we still need to play a complete game altogether, not one or two quarters. During the tournament in China, we are slowing improving and feeling more confident. Hopefully, we can play better tomorrow against Russia. Russia is a very strong team. We just need to play more games to get more experience.”

Game 11: CAN vs BRA
Photo credit: Gao Yuchen

Game 12: CHINA 9- RUSSIA 7 /Quarters: 3-1, 1-2, 3-3, 2-1.

CHINA: Yang Jun, Tian Jianing, Mei Xiaohan, Xiong Dunhan, Niu Guannan (2), Sun Yating (Captain), Song Donglun, Zhang Cong, Zhao Zihan (4), Zhang Weiwei, Wang Xinyan, Zhang Jing (3), Peng Lin. Head Coach: Recardo Azevedo       

RUSSIA: Verkhoglyadova Anastasia, Borisova Maria, Prokofyeva Ekaterina (Captain 1), Karimova Elvina, Krimer Kseniia (1), Ivanchishina Kseniil (1), Tankeeva Ekaterina, Zubacheva Ekaterina, Timofeeva Anna, Bogdanova Anna, Ivanova Evgeniya (3), Iarondaykina Nadezhda (1), Karnaukh Anna. Coach: Ogorodnikov Aleksandr       

Game report:
With a 3-1 lead in the first quarter and thanks for the penalty shoots in the last, China claimed first group match victory by beating Russia 9-7. The left-hander Zhao Zihan swept 4 goals and Zhang Jing had 3.

Flash quotes:
Recardo Azevedo - CHN Head Coach:

“Our girls are more confident and more experienced game after game. Look at them, they had a great start and stayed focused all the time. Zhao Zihan, who did not perform her best the last two days, came out today with 4 goals and the 19-year-old Zhang Jing had 3, Niu Guannan had 2. Some of my players just played for less than 10 international games. Give them more games and more time, they can be better. Tomorrow, we will play Canada which is probably the strongest team physically. It will be a big fight.”