SWC 2014, Singapore Day 2: Hosszu and Le Clos, uncontested dominators of the season!

Swimming World Cup

Chad Le ClosHungary’s Katinka Hosszu and South Africa’s Chad Le Clos were the overall winners of the FINA/MASTBANK Swimming World Cup 2014 which concluded today November 2 in Singapore. The winners sparkled champagne to celebrate their victory and the prize money of 100,000 USD associated to it.

Today Hosszu added two more gold medals to her tally, bringing her total to an unprecedented 51 gold, a kind of world record in itself. She won also eight silver and nine bronze: 68 medals overall.

Hosszu was very happy with herself: “I’m a little tired but I’m definitely happy this year. This victory means a lot to me as I’ve never dreamed of winning three times in a row. I don’t think I took on too many events. I’m not afraid to lose and I’m not afraid to try to win”.

Le Clos won one more gold, in the 100m butterfly, 27 in all. Today he went once again after a world record, but again barely missed it.

On his victory, Le Clos said: “It was a good race and I did it strategically. I think I’ll only get better by the end of the year. I was confident today and I believe I can get a world record (at the upcoming FINA World Swimming Championships in Doha). Singapore has always been a good place to race for me”.

The major player of the day was Spain’s Mireia Belmonte, who won three events – 400m IM, 200m butterfly, 400m freestyle -, in all of them leaving her Hungarian rival behind. Happy Mireia commented on her performances in this way: “It was definitely difficult because I had three races in one hour. I tried to be the best that I can. Katinka [Hosszu] and I swim a lot of events together. She is a good swimmer and I like to race her when I can”.

The other great actor today was Jamaica’s Alia Atkinson who once more beat Ruta Meilutyte of Lithuania, this time in the 50m breaststroke, and won also the 200m in a great time.

Overall winners Katinka Hosszu (HUN) and Chad Le Clos (RSA) - photo credit: Singapore Swimming Association

Event by event report

Men's 1500m Freestyle. Hungary’s Gergely Gyurta was in the lead from the start to the final touch and won this race for the fourth time. His time of 14:28.35 was by far the best of the Series. Canada’s Ryan Cochrane was a distant second in 14:35.97. Myles Brown of South Africa was third in 14:38.80.

Post-race, Gyurta said: “I’m very satisfied as it is a national record. The pool is great and everything else is great too! It’s a fantastic venue”.

Women's 400m IM. Katinka Hosszu suffered the first defeat in this event she had previously won for six consecutive times. The last two laps were fatal to the Hungarian who was beaten by her usual rival, Mireia Belmonte. The Spanish won in a time of 4:22.68, with Hosszu second in 4:23.66, nearly three seconds above her world record of Doha (4:20.83). USA’s Caitlin Leverenz was third in 4:26.80.

Women's 100m Freestyle. Australia’s Emma McKeon was the winner in 52.45. She touched ahead of Dutch Inge Dekker, 52.84, and British Siobhan-Marie O’Connor, 53.29. It was the first gold medal for the Australian in this event, and the first silver medal for Dekker, who had won the event in the first five meets.

Men's 200m Freestyle. South Africa’s Myles Brown, one the most interesting swimmer in this World Cup, won in 1:43.39. UK’s James Guy was second in 1:43.74, with Japan’s Daiya Seto third in 1:43.90. Paul Biedermann, of Germany, was fourth in 1:44.10.
Women's 50m Breaststroke. Definitely, Alia Atkinson, the 26-year-old Jamaican who is based in Florida, confirmed to be a very tough opponent for Ruta Meilutyte. Atkinson beat Meilutyte in 29.00, the best time of the Series. The Lithuanian, based in England, was second in 29.26, with USA’s Katie Meili in third place in 30.35.

Men's 100m Breaststroke. Hungary’s Daniel Gyurta completed his seven-meet winning streak when he touched the arrival wall in 56.87, by far the best time of the Series. South Africa’s Roland Schoeman was second in 57.31, with UK’s Andrew Willis third in 59.28.
Men's 100m Butterfly. Chad Le Clos swam a great solo race and clinched his sixth win in this event, in 48.74. It was the 27th World Cup gold medal for him. Once more he was after the world record (48.48 set by Russia’s Evgeny Kortyshkin at Berlin, 15 November 2009); once more he narrowly missed it. Steffen Deibler (GER), 50.10, and Daiya Seto (JPN), 50.71, completed the podium. The South African champion was not too disappointed for having missed the record. Post-vent, he said: “I’ll try again the next time”. A promise for the World Championships coming up soon in Doha?

Women's 100m Backstroke. Katinka Hosszu added one more gold medal to her tally. She dominated the race and won in 56.94. It was her seventh straight win in this event and her 50th gold medal in the Series. Once more UK’s Georgia Davies was second in 57.15 and USA’s Felicia Lee third in 57.49.

Katinka Hosszu (HUN) - photo credit: Singapore Swimming Association

Men's 50m Backstroke. USA’s Eugene Godsoe narrowly won in 23.21 over Spain’s Miguel Ortiz, 23.24. Australia’s Robert Hurley was third in 23.43. It was the third win in the Series for Godsoe.

Women's 200m Butterfly. Hosszu was clearly left with few energies, kind of worn out after her countless efforts in the World Cup. After six straight victories this time she could not do better than the third place, in a slow 2:07.26. Success went to Mireia Belmonte with 2:04.57, for her second win of the day over Hosszu. Germany’s Franziska Hentke was second in 2:05.84.
Men's 200m IM. Japan’s Daiya Seto easily won the race in 1:54.14. It was his second win in the Series. Allen Coleman (CAN) 1:56.44. Seto’s compatriot Takeharu Fujimori was third in 1:56.68.

After his final effort in this World Cup Seto said: “This is my first time in Singapore. The scenery is beautiful and I managed a best record for both the 200m free and the 100m fly. It feels good and the pool is nice”.

Women's 400m Freestyle. Katinka Hosszu, lane 4, and Mireia Belmonte, lane 3, again racing one another. However, after just 100 metres the Hungarian confirmed she had little left inside, and was already trailing way behind. Belmonte’s third win in this day was inevitable and she got it in 3:59.88, the best time of the Series. It was Belmonte’s fifth victory in the Series in this event. USA’s Elizabeth Beisel was second in 4:01.92 with UK’s Jazmin Carlin third in 4:02.89. Hosszu was last in 4:19.55.

Men's 50m Freestyle. Trinidad and Tobago’s veteran George Bovell touched first in a fast 21.37 ahead of Russia’s Sergei Fesikov, 21.45, and Germany’s Steffen Deibler, 21.52. World record holder Roland Schoeman (RSA) was fourth in 21.58.

Tao Li (SIN) - photo credit: Singapore Swimming Association

Women's 200m Breaststroke. Alia Atkinson completed a hat-trick and swept the breaststroke events when she touched first also in this race. The Jamaican swam isolated, much ahead of the rest of the field. At half race she was 0.01 seconds under the world record split but at 150 metres, her split was 0.61 seconds slower. She won in 2:17.84. The amazing 14-year-old Japanese Runa Imai was second in 2:20.61; Maria Astashkina of Russia was third in 2:21.92.

Women's 100m IM. Resurgent Hosszu was well determined to grab one more gold medal, the last of the Series, her 51st, a record in itself. She won in 58.40 with UK’s Siobhan-Marie O’Connor (GBR) in second in 58.54 and Lithuania’s Ruta Meilutyte third in 59.00.

Men's 200m Backstroke. With the time of 1:50.24 Japan’s Kaneko Masaki touched ahead of German Christian Diener, 1:51.06. USA’s Eugene Godsoe was third in 1:52.54.

Women's 50m Butterfly. Inge Dekker collected her seventh straight victory in 25.13. Li Tao of Singapore was second in 25.72, with Marieke D’Cruz (AUS) third in 25.76. Katinka Hosszu was seventh in 27.10.

Mixed 4x50m Freestyle. Russia won also the medley mixed relay in 1:33.88. Singapore, 1:35.30, and the United States, 1:36.59, completed the podium.