Swimming, Day 8 - Men’s 400m individual medley: Hagino (JPN) starts strong, but title goes to teammate Seto

BCN2013 - Swimming

Daiya Seto (JPN)Swimming his seventh final in Barcelona, Kosuke Hagino (JPN), who won the silver in the 400m free and in the 200m IM, was the man to beat after setting the best 2013 performance in April in a time of 4:07.61. His tiredness came perhaps to surface after the 300m-mark, when he lost the lead of the race, finishing only fifth in 4:10.77. Hagino was the 2012 Olympic bronze medallist in this event. Instead, it was compatriot Daiya Seto who shone in Barcelona, getting his first individual medal (4:08.69) at a FINA World Championships. He had previously swum the heats of the winning Japanese 4x200m free relay at the Palau Sant Jordi.

The silver went to 19-year-old Chase Kalisz (USA), who touched home in 4:09.22. It is his first success at this level. Thiago Pereira (BRA), silver medallist in London last year, got this time the bronze, finishing in 4:09.48. It was his second podium presence in the Catalan capital, after ranking third in the 200m IM. This way, Pereira got the fifth medal for his country at these Championships.

World Record: Michael Phelps (USA), 4:03.84 – August 10, 2008 in Beijing (CHN)
Championships Record: Michael Phelps (USA), 4:06.22 – April 1, 2007 in Melbourne (AUS)
Best performance of the current season (since January 2013): Kosuke Hagino (JPN), 4:07.61 – April in Niigata (JPN)
2003-2011 winners in this event: 2003 – Michael Phelps (USA, 4:09.09); 2005 – Laszlo Cseh (HUN, 4:09.63); 2007 – Michael Phelps (USA, 4:06.22); 2009 – Ryan Lochte (USA, 4:07.01); 2011 – Ryan Lochte (USA, 4:07.13)
The best in this event (1. most victories or 2. fastest time): Andras Hargitay (HUN, 1973 & 1975), Tamas Darnyi (HUN, 1986 & 1991), Tom Dolan (USA, 1994 & 1998), Michael Phelps (USA, 2003 & 2007) and Ryan Lochte (USA, 2009 & 2011)
2012 Olympic podium: 1. Ryan Lochte (USA, 4:05.18), 2. Thiago Pereira (BRA, 4:08.86), 3. Kosuke Hagino (JPN, 4:08.94)


Gold medal winner: Daiya Seto (JPN)

"I knew everybody was expecting Kosuke Hagino to win. In the final I swam next to him so I was really relaxed like I was swimming at home, that made me comfortable, I could do my race and win."

On winning this event, which USA has had a grip on for so many years: "These last years, Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps conquered this title on multiple occasions so I'm really happy to win, I want to keep winning at this level."

"Hagino was in a really good shape, I wanted to hang our national flag on the centre pole but I was thinking he would win so I'm really lucky to have won. Now that I've won this event, I feel more confident. At the next Olympics, I would like to put our flag on the centre pole again and keep competing with Hagino and keep improving ourselves."

Silver medal winner: Chase Kalisz (USA)

"The 200 and 400 IM are my best events by far, I used to swim with Michael Phelps and under Bob Bowman, he trained us for everything. I'd like to get a schedule very similar to what Michael had in Athens and Beijing but without the butterfly and adding breaststroke because that's my strongest stroke."

Bronze medal winner: Thiago Pereira (BRA)

"This is one of the race that I wasn't really fresh for in my Barcelona scheduled, I decided to swim this event 2 days ago. I'm getting better and better, I got the silver last year in this event. I felt pretty comfortable in this race, usually I go too hard in the first 100m and I die in the last 50m but today was kind of different, I saw I was catching up a little bit."

"For Rio, I know I have a lot to do, I know they [Seto and Kalisz] are much younger than me but I'll train hard to try to get a medal over there."