FINA Clinic in Samoa provides key training to island’s coaches and teachers

Development News

The Samoa Swimming Federation, supported by FINA, hosted a FINA Development Clinic from September 1-7, 2015, in Samoa, one of the largest islands in the South Pacific, Oceania.

The purpose of the Clinic was to instruct primary school teachers and swimming coaches with intermediate coaching skills and to run a high performance swimming clinic for young talents of the region.

Intermediate and advanced coaches were taught how to reach higher levels and stroke’s problems were identified and corrected. Essential training skills and exercises for all strokes were presented to the participants as well as alternative fitness techniques.

The group consisted of four coaches, 40 intermediate level swimmers from four clubs and two schools as well as two Samoan swimmers from overseas (American Samoa and Australia). The Samoan Swimming Federation Secretary General reported that this clinic was well attended on all five days.

Coaches and teachers went away with important and useful skills to be implemented within their schools or club programmes. The FINA Clinic has reinforced their commitment to continue improving their respective school’s programme to further develop the sport in the region and to maintain a world rank.

The coaches’ skills were evaluated by professional lecturer Mr. Willem Sakovich (USA) who confirmed that much improvement has been seen since the Federation’s last clinic back in 2013.

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Mr. Sakovich said: “Most of these coaches have made enormous efforts to continue their own education within swimming and have committed their schools and clubs to be involved with regional meets wherever possible.

As for the young talents, this was also an opportunity to help preparing the elite squad and coaches for the Commonwealth Youth Games being held in Samoa in parallel to the FINA Clinic, from September 5-11, 2015.

The clinic has yet again reinforced the Samoan Federation’s commitment to develop the sport and the swimming community in this part of the world.