FINA school for swimming officials attracts 63 in Puerto Rico

Development News

A FINA school for swimming officials was organised in Puerto Rico (PUR) on February 7-8, 2015. For this 2015 American edition of the FINA schools programme, FINA TSC Honorary Secretary Søren Korbo and former TSC Member Bill Hogan were on-hand to train 63 participants in Bayamón, a San Juan suburb.

Among the participants, 50 were locals and 13 came from either Panama, Antigua, Chile, Guatemala, the Bahamas or Barbados.

The Puerto Rican swimming federation consists of just 30 clubs with 1'500 licensed members including all aquatics disciplines.

Swimmers from Puerto Rican clubs helping out at the pool practice

The pool session was held at the Bayamón swimming pool, an outdoor 50m pool with eight lanes. Girls and boys from the Puerto Rican clubs (pictured above) were present to give a hand.

The participants were divided into two teams with the use of one digital watch per lane. The pool also provided Colorado electronic timing with a push button as back-up. The practice included 50m and 100m events as well as a 4x50m medley mixed relay.

The officials called more than 20 disqualifications (DQs) during the pool session. The reason was that the swimmers broke the rules on purpose to test the skills of the officials. Fortunately, the officials were alert and saw all the mistakes.