Successful school for Swimming Officials held in Marrakech (MAR)

Development News

A FINA school for swimming officials was successfully organised in Marrakech (MAR) from February 2-3, 2013. The 20 participants at the school were a mixture of new and experienced technical officials, with most having five or more years experience officiating competitions.

All participants showed a high level of enthusiasm and interest and were very much involved in the content presented through the course.

The participants in Marrakech


On day 2, a pool session was held in the afternoon. The participants were brought to the 6-lane 25m pool for a pool session that included 12 age-group swimmers swimming all four stroke events at distances of 50m and 100m with the officials rotating at different positions around the deck and judging for possible stroke infractions, turns, starts, time keeping, and in general the application of all swimming rules covered during the swimming school.