Clinics in FINA's five sports attract many in San Salvador (ESA)

Development News

The Piscinas El Polvorin in San Salvador, El Salvador, was more than busy in May with five clinics taking place almost simultaneously: an advanced open water swimming clinic for coaches (May 23-31) was organised with Tomas Haces from Cuba, FINA TOWSC Member, training an enthusiastic group of eight participants.

Meanwhile, a beginner to intermediate-level clinic for water polo referees and officials was conducted by Cuban Eugenio Martinez, FINA Bureau Member, with 22 participants (May 22-31).

A synchronised swimming coaches clinic (intermediate level) was held with Brazil's swimming and synchronised swimming expert Ana Maria Lobo sharing valuable knowledge with 19 participants (May 22-30).

Participants in the Swimming clinic, El Salvador

A clinic for diving coaches (beginner level) took place with Felix Calderon (PUR) from May 23-29 with nine participants, who were able to learn about selection of divers, flexibility, acrobatics by age and basic starting exercises for beginners.

The last to take place was an intermediate-level clinic for swimming coaches conducted by Gustavo Roldan from Argentina (May 29-June 2) with 40 participants, who coach at various levels - from local to national.