FINA World Aquatics Convention continues in Moscow

FINA Family

October 31, 2012 MOSCOW - Day 2 started with two streams of presentations, addressing a wide range of topics: the media and aquatics, latest developments in pool design, new ideas for the five FINA sports, upcoming courses for athletes, coaches and administrators, benefits for host cities and organising committees to stage FINA events.  

The newly launched, three-day event is becoming a focal point for the entire Aquatics community - the FINA Family, National Federations, partners, manufacturers, athletes and coaches, bidders and organisers of FINA events, media etc. - to exchange ideas and find new ways to develop the Sport worldwide. Some shared their thoughts on the Convention:

Sam Ramsamy, FINA Vice President (RSA): "The concept of the Convention is superb; the networking sessions in my view are very crucial, relevant and we need to keep that." 

Matthew Dunn, FINA Bureau (AUS): "It's a brilliant way for people to be able to connect all the elements of the Aquatic family, particularly the National Federations. The sponsors have a hard performance element and really bring them in together and really understand where the value lies in the sport and business of swimming."

James Hickman, Global Sports Marketing Manager at Speedo International: "One of the best things at this Convention for us is that the coaches are involved. Speedo right now is in a phase of looking to the future and so are the coaches; they've just had an Olympics and they're thinking what to do next. So we're actually in tune in terms of a business where all the coaches are out. The other good thing for us as a FINA partner is the opportunity to meet the organisers of future FINA events."  


credit: Giorgio Scala

Dr Trevor Tiffany, Myrtha Pools USA: "This is a wonderful Convention for us because we meet all the swimming federations from around the world. This one especially, FINA brought coaches from around the world here and the coaches are one of our best supporters."

Ismail Farhaan, Maldives' National Head coach: "The information we got at the Gold Medal clinic was very helpful and important for us, so it is very useful for coaches, especially the ones in developing countries. Coming to this Convention, we knew there would be a lot of opportunities to learn how to improve our sport."

Hasim Onat Yildirim, Executive Director of the Istanbul 2012 Organising Committee: "We are happy to be here, we have a chance to promote our event and it's a good opportunity to get to know all the people in Aquatics, share information and this contributes a lot."

Sergi Pujalte, Managing Director BCN 2013: "It is very useful for us to be here; this is a networking opportunity that is very important to us. We can inform people about the future FINA World Championships in Barcelona."

Gordon Orr, Windsor/Detroit bidding committee: "Any time you are bidding on a sporting event, you need to find out not only more about the organisation itself but the people that attend it. And what we have found is that FINA is a first-class organisation, whereby people have been very supportive and embracing the fact that a city like Windsor, Ontario, is very interested in furthering their mission of 'Water is Our World' and we want to move that forward."