FINA in mourning - Nick Thierry (CAN)

FINA Family

FINA has learnt with great sadness the loss of Nick Thierry (CAN) on October 2, 2012 in Toronto. His immense contribution to the Sport of Swimming, throughout his activities as coach, journalist and statistician will long be remembered by the FINA Family.

Nick was a true devoted lover of Swimming, having consecrated it the major part of his life. He was for many years FINA's most valuable source of swimming rankings, a superb and brilliant work very much appreciated by the coaches, athletes, media and fans of the sport in general. He has done it in a discreet but passionate way, sharing his knowledge and experience with many generations of swimming experts.

Founder and former member of the FINA Press Commission, Nick Thierry leaves a strong legacy to all those following the performances of our Swimmers. 

In this moment of grief, FINA expresses its deepest condolences to Nick Thierry's family and friends as well as to the entire swimming community in Canada.