FINA Water Polo World League

Since 2002, the world’s best water polo national teams meet each year and compete against one another in the sport’s first global league.

From 2014 on, the competition formula comprises two preliminary tournaments: one in Europe with a series of “home and away” games and an Intercontinental Tournament with the participation of teams from Africa, Americas, Asia and Oceania.

A Super Final for both the men’s and women’s league is organised with the eight qualifying teams of the preliminaries. A total prize money of US$ 540'000 (men) and US$ 465'000 (women) is distributed.

After thrilling Super Finals in Kunshan (CHN) and Dubai (UAE), the 2015 editions will be held in Bergamo (ITA) from June 23-28 for the men's and June 9-14 in Shanghai (CHN) for the women's.

WPWL Men’s Super Final 2015, Bergamo, Day 6 (last): Gold to Serbia, silver to Croatia and bronze to Brazil

World League

Serbia emerged victorious at the FINA Men's Water Polo World League Super Final 2015, the team's ninth success in this competition and the third consecutive. The competition took place in Bergamo (ITA), from June 23-28. In the decisive match, the Serbians beat Croatia by 9-6.

With this victory, the Balkan team claimed the World League trophy, the Olympic qualification and the US$ 100,000 prize money.

Croatia was Serbia‘s valiant opponent in the final and was awarded the silver medal, as well as US$ 70,000 for its second place.

Brazil was the surprising winner of the bronze medal that they conquered at the expenses of the United States, cashing also the US$ 50,000 prize money associated with it. The South Americans win was obtained after a lengthy penalty shootout, which finished 24-23 in favour of the 2016 Olympic hosts.

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WPWL Men’s Super Final 2015, Bergamo, Day 5: Croatia and Serbia will play for The gold medal, Brazil and The USA for the bronze

World League

Gold will go to the Balkans, bronze to Americas. Following the results of the semifinals Serbia and Croatia will play the final for the first place while Brazil and the United States will play the match for the third place.

Under the helm of two top coaches, both from the former Yugoslavia – Ratko Rudic (Croatia) and Dejan Udovicic (Serbia) – Brazil and the United States have improved and become more competitive.

A final between Serbia and Croatia was among the predictable options. Not so much the final for the bronze medal between Brazil and the United States. In fact everybody was expecting Hungary and Italy to be among the top four but both teams, still in the middle of the preparation for the World Championships, did not perform at their best. The winner takes it all: the gold medal, the Olympic qualification and the 100,000 dollar FINA prize money.

For the 5th place Australia will play Hungary while China, the only team with no victories, will face Italy for the 7th place in the last day of the tournament.

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WPWL Men’s Super Final 2015, Bergamo, Day 4: Brazil, Usa, Croatia And Serbia advance to semifinals

World League

The Quarter Finals took place on the fourth day of the tournament. The day when the Quarter Finals are played is considered the most crucial of the whole tournament: no tactics, no speculation, no compromise. It’s either you or me. I win and go through, you lose and are out of the medal contest.

None of the four games played today was disappointing. Instead the outcome of each of the first three matches was partially unpredictable.

The answer of the field was favorable to Brazil, the United States, Croatia and Serbia. Brazil beat Australia after a hard fought and strenuous math; the United States surprisingly triumphed over Hungary; Croatia prevailed over the home team Italy at the end of a tight match and after penalty shootouts; Serbia dominated over China a match that tasted like a friendly or a common training for them.

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WPWL Men’s Super Final 2015, Bergamo, Day 3: Third win for Serbia, second for Hungary, Croatia and Italy

World League

On the third day of the preliminary round Serbia won 12-8 against a tough Australian side and ended Group B only undefeated team with 9 points. In the same Group (B) Italy beat the United States 13-10 and took the second place behind Serbia.

Hungary, who today crushed Brazil, finished on top of Group A, with Brazil in second place.

Second victory for Croatia who beat China on Day 3. The Chinese collected three losses and zero points. The most interesting match of the quarter finals should be between Croatia and Italy, two neighboring nations and traditional rivals.

Rankings after Day 3

Group A: 1. Hungary 9, 2. Brazil 6, 3. Croatia 6, 4. China 0.
Group B: 1. Serbia 9, 2. Italy 6, 3. Australia 3, 4. United States 0.

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WPWL Men’s Super Final 2015, Bergamo, Day 2: Brazil and Serbia win again, first win for Croatia and Australia

World League

On the second day of the preliminary round Brazil continued his surprising march crushing China and jumping on top of Group A. Croatia got its first, important, win over another major powerhouse, Hungary.

First victory also for Australia at the end of a spectacular match against the United States, who, like China, suffered they second defeat.

Second win also for Serbia who defeated Italy at the end of an exciting match, whose outcome was uncertain for at least three quarters. Serbia, who, leads Group B , will face Australia on the third day.

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WPWL Men’s Super Final 2015, Bergamo, Day 1: Victories for Serbia, Hungary, Brazil and Italy

World League

The six-day and 24 matches long tournament started on Tuesday June 23 at 4 p.m. with the first session of four matches.

During the first three days the eight teams - divided in two groups, A and B, are scheduled to play 12 matches in the Preliminary Round. The second half of the tournament will feature the Quarter Finals (Day 4), the Semi Finals (Day 5) and the Finals (Day 6).

The winner of the Super Final will be qualified for next year’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. In addition it will receive a US $ 100,000 FINA prize.

Today there were the predictable victories of Serbia over the USA, Hungary over China, and Italy over Australia. However, in the third match there was the surprising victory of Brazil, host of next year Olympic Games, over the Olympic champions of Croatia.

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WPWL Men’s Super Final 2015, Bergamo: Solemn Opening Ceremony held today

World League

The 14th edition of the FINA Men's Water Polo World League Super Final got underway today with a solemn opening ceremony held at the “Pope John XXIII” congress centre, after the eight participant teams, the referees and the FINA Officials paraded through some central streets, starting from the Town Hall.

The Super Final was officially declared open by the City Mayor, Mr. Giorgio Gori, who earlier had delivered a welcome address to the audience. Welcome addresses were delivered also by the FINA Bureau Liaison Dimitris Diathesopoulos, and by the Italian Federation President, as well as FINA Honorary Secretary Paolo Barelli.

All teams, in turn, walked on the stage, waving their national flag, for the official presentation. National anthems were played.

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WPWL Women's Super Final, Day 6 (last): Team USA wins the World League

World League

In a most breath-taking final, defending champion, the United States, enjoyed an early lead by edging Australia 8-7 to lift the title at the FINA Women's Water Polo World League Super Final 2015 at the Oriental Sports Centre, Shanghai, on Sunday June 14.

The USA have won the FINA Water Polo World League Super Final for the second consecutive time and have placed on the podium since the 2006 edition of the tournament.

Final: USA 8 - AUSTRALIA 7 / Quarters: 6-2, 1-3, 0-0, 1-2

USA: Hill Samantha, Musselman Madeline, Seidermann Melissa, Fattal Rachel, Clark Caroline (1), Steffens Margaret (Captain, 1), Mathewson Courtney (2), Neushul Kiley, Grossman Ashley, Gilchrist Kaleigh (2), Fischer Makenzie (1), Craig Kameryn (1), Johnson Ashleigh. Head Coach: Adam Krikorian.

AUSTRALIA: Yanitsas Lea, Barr Chloe, Buckling Hannah, Lincoln-Smith Holly, Bishop Isobel, Knox Bronwen (Captain), Gofers Keesja, McGhie Glencora, Arancini Zoe, Southern Ashleigh (3), Halligan Bronte (2), Zagame Nicola (2), Wakefield Kelsey. Head Coach: Greg McFadden.

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WPWL Women's Super Final, Day 5: USA and Australia will play for the gold

World League

It's official, the defending champions, team USA, engaged in a showdown with Australia for the final while the Netherlands will be playing China in the bronze medal match on the last day of the FINA Women's Water Polo World League Super Final 2015 on Sunday.

Canada will meet Russia in the match of 5th place and Italy will compete with Brazil for the 7th place on June 14, the last day of Super Final.

Below is the report of the fifth day of competition, which took place in Shanghain on Satirday June 13.

Game 17: ITALY 10  RUSSIA 13 / Quarters: (1-2, 1-2, 4-1, 3-4, penalty shoot-out 2-4)

ITALY: Gorlero Giulia, Tabani Chiara (1), Garibotti Arianna (1), Radicchi Federica, Queirolo Elisa, Aiello Rosaria (1), Di Mario Tania (Captain, 2), Bianconi Roberta (4), Emmolo Giulia (1), Pomeri Francesca, Cotti Aleksandra (1), Frassinetti Teresa, Teani Laura. Head Coach: Fabio Conti.

RUSSIA: Verkhoglyadova Anastasia, Borisova Maria (2), Prokofyeva Ekaterina (Captain, 1), Karimova Elvina (3), Krimer Kseniia, Ivanchishina Kseniil (2), Tankeeva Ekaterina, Zubacheva Ekaterina (1), Timofeeva Anna (1), Bogdanova Anna, Ivanova Evgeniya (3), Iarondaykina Nadezhda, Karnaukh Anna. Coach: Ogorodnikov Aleksandr   

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WPWL Women's Super Final, Day 4: USA, Australia, China and Netherlands in the semis

World League

shanghai4While the defending champion United States and Australia triumphed over their rivals by big margins, the Netherlands and host China celebrated their narrow victories on the way to semifinals at the FINA Women's Water Polo World League Super Final 2015 at the Shanghai’s Oriental Sports Centre on Friday.

On June 13, China will meet Australia and US play the Netherlands in the semifinals. In the 5th-8th placing games, Canada will face Brazil and Italy fight Russia.

Game 13

Quarters: 2-3, 2-3, 1-1, 2-1.

ITALY: Gorlero Giulia, Tabani Chiara (2), Garibotti Arianna (1), Radicchi Federica (1), Queirolo Elisa, Aiello Rosaria (1), Di Mario Tania (Captain), Bianconi Roberta (1), Emmolo Giulia, Pomeri Francesca (1), Cotti Aleksandra, Frassinetti Teresa, Teani Laura. Head Coach: Fabio Conti.
NETHERLANDS: Aarts Laura, Smit Miloushka (Captain, 1), Genee Dagmar (1), Van der sloot Catharina (1), Genee Amarens,Stomphorst Nomi, Nijhuis Marloes, Sevenich Vivian (3), Megens Maud (2), Van toorn Isabella, Klaassen Lieke, Van der molen Leonie, Willemsz Debby.  Head Coach: Arno Havenga 

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