PR46 - FINA Executive Meeting / Swimsuits


FINA Executive held a meeting in Lausanne Switzerland on June 19, 2009 to consider the swimsuits approvals under the transitory regulations in accordance with the Dubai Charter.

The Executive reviewed the recommendations of the Swimsuit Commission issued on June 18, 2009 in connection with the swimsuits subject to re-examination further to the first Commission Meeting on May 19, 2009.

The Manufacturers have re-presented their swimsuits with modifications. In certain cases, the Manufacturers have submitted arguments regarding the fact the construction or material of their swimsuits would not create air trapping effects.

The Executive approved the swimsuits as per attached list.

Regarding the application of the criteria, the Executive found that the evidence of “in use” air trapping effect is complex and that it would require considerable time to create and implement comprehensive control mechanisms and test methods which would permit to establish the effect with absolute certainty in connection with particular swimsuits. In a transitory period where the industry had little time to anticipate the requirements, it is also important to take into account that the outcome of the approval process can have substantial impact on existing production and stocks. Therefore, in cases where there was a reasonable doubt as to the effect, such doubt had to be taken into account in the decision concerning the respective swimsuits.

To secure a level-playing field, the swimsuits approved will be available to all swimmers at the World Championships in Rome.

The approved swimsuits will be labelled and will be checked in Rome prior to competition.

The rules regarding shape, use of only one swimsuit and no taping will be strictly applied and controlled in the first call room.

FINA will continue the process of controlling the evolution of swimsuits and will issue new rules including new criteria for 2010.

Adidas TechfitPowerweb S8140608BJ B85765 full
Hydrofoil F9140004 full
Hydrofoil F9140003 full
Arena Italia S.p.A. Powerskin X–Glide Modified full
Powerskin X–Glide Modified full
Powerskin X–Glide Modified full
Powerskin X-Glide Modified full
Powerskin X-Glide Modified full
Powerskin X-Glide Modified pants- long
Asics Corporation TIL 2009 III OSAM562 full
TIL 2009 III OSAL591 full
TIL 2009 III OSAL562 full
TIL 2009 III OSAM552 pants - long
TIL 2009 III OSAL601 classic
TIL 2009 IV OSAM562 full
TIL 2009 IV OSAL591 full
TIL 2009 IV OSAL562 full
TIL 2009 IV OSAM552 pants - long
TIL 2009 IV OSAL601 classic
Blueseventy Ltd Nero Seamless Bodyskin full
Nero Seamless Kneeskin full - knee
Nero 10K Bodyskin full
Nero Comp Bodyskin full
Nero Open Back Bodyskin full
Nero Comp Kneeskin full - knee
Nero Open Back Kneeskin full - knee
Nero Legskin pants - long
Nero Jammer pants - short
Long Leg / Calf full
Pointzero3+ Kneeskin
full - knee
Descente LTD II mar09 ARN – RMR81W full
II mar09 ARN – RMR51W full
II mar09 ARN – RMR82W full
II mar09 ARN – RMR52W full
II mar09 ARN – RMR17M pants - long
II mar09 ARN – RMR27M pants - long
Diana Sport Submarine Cyclone 262M full
Submarine Cyclone 262M LD full
Submarine Cyclone 270W full
Submarine Cyclone 270W LD full
Submarine Cyclone 272W full
Submarine Cyclone 272W LD full
Submarine Cyclone 273W full
Submarine Cyclone 263M full - knee
Submarine Cyclone 260M pants - long
Shinning Arrow 252W full
Essenuoto Comet (dragon print) SFW/0026 full
Comet (dragon print) SFW/0073 pants - short
Comet (dragon print) SFW 20037 full
Comet (cyclone print) SFW/0026 full
Footmark Corporation Recobeam 240600-2 full
Recobeam 240600-3 full
Recobeam 240607-2 full
Recobeam 240607-3 full
Recobeam 240606-2 full
Recobeam 240606-3 full
Recobeam 240601-2 pants - long
Recobeam 240601-3 pants - long
Jaked SRL J01FL full
J01FS full
J01PL pants - long
J01 full - knee
Kiwami Torpedo full - knee
Leonian K.K. PSFM9S3204-1 full
PSFM9S3204-2 full
PSFM9S3204-3 full
PSFM9S3206-1 full
PSFM9S3206-2 full
PSFM9S3206-3 full
PSFM9S3205-1 full - knee
PSFM9S3205-2 full - knee
PSFM9S3101-1 full
PSFM9S3101-2 full
PSFM9S3101-3 full
PSFM9S3102-1 pants - long
PSFM9S3102-2 pants - long
PSFM9S3102-3 pants - long
Mizuno Corporation “BBT” (Swimsuit B) 85RB -155 full
“BBT” (Swimsuit B) 85RB -156 full
“BBT” (Swimsuit B) 85OB - 155 full
“BBT” (Swimsuit B) 85OB - 156 full
“BBT” (Swimsuit B) 85RC-155 pants - long
“BBT” (Swimsuit B) 85RC-156 pants - long
Mosconi Hammer 230730 full
Hammer Med 230940 full - knee
Hammer Fit 230943 full
Hammer Fit 230944 full - knee
Hammer Leg 230941 pants - long
Hammer Jammer 230942 pants - short
Bullet 230901 full
Bullet 230946 full - knee
Bullet Leg 230902 pants - long
Bullet Jammer 230903 pants - short
Bullet Fit 230947 full
Bullet Fit 230948 full - knee
Meerval Med 227473 full - knee
Meerval Long 227474 full
Geep Long 227476 full
Trigger 227193 pants - short
Archer 227128 pants - long
Scale 226653 classic
Hilton 226831 classic
Geep Med 227475 full - knee
Okeo SRL Extreme Body Unisex full
Extreme Pant pants - long
Orca RS1 Swimskn full
RS1 Swimskn full
Orvar/Aquazone USA Renegade female classic cut racer back classic
Renegade female classic cut zipper back classic
Renegade female full body full
Renegade female full body full
Renegade female knee full - knee
Renegade female knee full - knee
Renegade male ankle pants - long
Renegade male full body full
Renegade male jammer pants - short
Renegade male knee suit full - knee
Speedo AQUABLADE full – knee
AQUABLADE Bodyskin No Arms full
AQUABLADE Bodyskin No Arms full
Fastskin II 8 10227 3797 full
Fastskin II 8 102484759 pants - long
Fastskin II 8 007183798 classic
Fastskin II 8 007194759 full
Fastskin II 8 102264759 pants - short
Fastskin II 8 20A974759 full - knee
LZR Racer full
LZR Racer full - knee
LZR Racer Body No Arms full
Fastskin Pro full
Fastskin Pro full - knee
Fastskin Pro full - knee
Fastskin Pro pants - long
Fastskin full
Fastskin full
Fastskin full – knee
Fastskin full – knee
Fastskin classic
Fastskin full
Sports Hig M-02A full
F-06 full
F-03A full - knee
F-05 full - knee
M-01 pants- long
Tyr Sports Inc. Tracer Light full - knee
Tracer Light full
Tracer Light full - knee
Tracer Light classic
Tracer Light pants – long
Tracer Light pants - short
Tracer Light classic
Trace Rise pants - long
Trace Rise pants - short
Trace Rise classic
Trace Rise full
Trace Rise full - knee
Tracer A7 full - knee
Tracer A7 pants – long
Tracer A7 pants - short
Tracer A7 C full
Tracer A7 full
Tracer A7 full - knee
Tracer A7 Flex - knee full
Tracer A7 OW full
Fusion full - knee
Fusion classic
Fusion pants - long
Fusion pants - short
Fusion Racer classic
Sayonara F100 full
Sayonara F100 full - knee
B2 F300 full
B4 F102 full
B5 F201 full
B6 F202 full
B7 F301 full
B10 F400 full
B11 A14 pants - short
B12 F103 pants - short
B13 F500 pants - short
Yamamotohokosyo Corporation YH-M-LONG A full
YH-M-LONG B full
YH-M-LONG X full
YH-L-LONG A full
YH-L-LONG B full
YH-L-LONG X full
Adidas TechfitPowerweb S8140602BJ  B85779 full
TechfitPowerweb S8140603BJ B85777SL full
TechfitPowerweb S8140609BJ  B85762 full - knee
TechfitPowerweb S8140607BJ  B85768 pants - long
TechfitPowerweb S8140606BJ  B85771 pants - short
Agon Sport L.L.C. 2009 full - knee
2009 pants - long
2009 pants - short
Akron SRL Halifax Allison full
Halifax Buster full
Halifax Ark pants - long
Arena Italia S.p.A. Powerskin 2512450 full
Powerskin 2512850 full
Powerskin 2512550 full
Powerskin 2710650 pants - long
Powerskin 2906850 classic
Powerskin 2710550 pants-short
Powerskin  R-Evolution 2522850 full
Powerskin  R-Evolution 2522750 full
Powerskin  R-Evolution 2522650 full
Powerskin  R-Evolution 2786650 full - knee
Powerskin  R-Evolution 2522550 full - knee
Powerskin  R-Evolution 2522450 full - knee
Powerskin  R-Evolution 2786250 pants- long
Powerskin  R-Evolution 2786550 pants-short
Powerskin R-evolution + 2525650 full
Powerskin R-evolution + 2525450 full
Powerskin R-evolution + 2525350 full
Powerskin R-evolution + 2525750 full - knee
Powerskin R-evolution + 2525550 full - knee
Powerskin R-evolution + 2790050 pants - long
Powerskin X-treme 2513850 full
Powerskin X-treme 2514350 full
Powerskin X-treme 2513950 full
Powerskin X-treme 2513750 full - knee
Powerskin X-treme 2514450 full - knee
Powerskin X-treme 2514250 full - knee
Powerskin X-treme 2731750 pants - long
Powerskin X-treme 2925450 classic
Powerskin X-treme 2737650 pants-short
Asics Corporation TIL ALS503 full
TIL ALS505 full
TIL AMA503 pants - long
TIL AMA502 pants - short
TIL ALS502 pants - short
TIL ALS500 classic
TIL ALS504 classic
TIL AMA501 classic
TIL ALS501 classic
TIL - Cloth AMX964-4 full
TIL - Cloth ALX964-5 full
TIL - Cloth ALX964-6 full
TIL - Cloth AMX964-3 pants - long
TIL - Functional Layered System AMA515 full
TIL - Functional Layered System ALS515 full
TIL - Functional Layered System AMA516 pants - long
TIL - Functional Layered System AMA511 inner tights
TIL - Functional Layered System ALS511 inner tights
TIL - Functional Layered System AMA510 inner top
TIL - Functional Layered System ALS510 inner top
TIL + AMX1087 full
TIL + AMX1087-2 full
TIL + AMX1087 full
TIL + AMX1098 full
TIL + AMX1086 full
TIL + AMX1085 full
TIL + ALX1085-2 full
TIL + ALX1085 full
TIL + ALX1086 full
TIL + ALX1098 full
TIL + AMX1088 pants - long
TIL + AMX1088-2 pants - long
TIL + AMX1088 pants - long
TIL + AMX1083 classic
TIL + ALX1083 classic
Descente LTD Aquaforce Panel
Aquaforce Panel full
Aquaforce Panel full
Aquaforce Panel full - knee
Aquaforce Panel pants - long
Aquaforce Panel pants - short
Aquaforce Lite
Aquaforce Lite full
Aquaforce Lite full
Aquaforce Lite full - knee
Aquaforce Lite pants - long
Aquaforce Lite pants - short
shin_rev full
shin_rev pants - long
shin_rev full
shin_rev full
shin_rev classic
shin_rev full - knee
shin_rev classic
shin_rev pants - short
aile bleue
aile bleue full
aile bleue full
aile bleue full - knee
aile bleue pants - long
aile bleue pants - short
aile bleue classic
Diana Sport Submarine Shinning Arrow 232M SA full
Submarine Shinning Arrow 250W SA full
Submarine Shinning Arrow 251W SA full
Submarine Shinning Arrow 233M SA full - knee
Submarine Shinning Arrow 253W SA full - knee
Submarine Shinning Arrow 230M SA pants - long
Submarine Thermo Fusion 202M full
Submarine Thermo Fusion 210W full
Submarine Thermo Fusion 221W full
Submarine Thermo Fusion 203M full - knee
Submarine Thermo Fusion 213W full - knee
Submarine Thermo Fusion 200M pants - long
Submarine Thermo Fusion 201M pants - short
Submarine Thermo Fusion 219W classic
Finis Inc. Amphibian pants - long
Amphibian ATS8-LTM28 pants - long
Amphibian ATS8-JM28 pants - short
Amphibian Long John ATS8-LJM32 full
Amphibian Long John ATS8-LJF30 full
Amphibian Short John ATS8-SJM31 full - knee
Amphibian Short John ATS8-SJF30 full - knee
Hydrospeed 2 Brief classic
Hydrospeed 2 Clipback classic
Hydrospeed 2 Jammer pants - short
Hydrospeed 2 Race John full - knee
Jaked SRL J03 full
J03 pants - long
Kiwami Kameleon full - knee
Mizuno Corporation Accel Suits full
Accel Suits pants - long
SST 85RB-100 full
SST 85RB-101 full
SST 85OB-100 full
SST 85OB-110
SST 85OB-111 full
SST 85RB-10009 full
SST 85RD-100 pants - short
SST 85RC-100 pants - long
Water Gene 85RB-850 full
Water Gene 85OB-850 full
Water Gene 85OB-851 full
Water Gene 85OC-850 full - knee
Water Gene 85OD-850 pants - long
Water Gene 85RC-850
Water Gene 85RD-850
Orca RS1 men
full - knee
RS1 women
full - knee
Rocket Science Sports Rocket Light classic
Rocket Light
Rocket Sprinter
Rocket Sprinter
Rocket Trainer classic
Rocket Trainer
Rocket 2skin
Sailfish GmbH Sailfish furious full - knee
Sailfish furious long full
Speedo FastskinXT (Flying Fish) 8-05887 full
FastskinXT (Flying Fish) 8-05889 full
FastskinXT (Flying Fish) 8-05892 classic
FastskinXT (Flying Fish) 8-05891 pants - short
FastskinXT (Flying Fish) 8-05890 pants - long
FastskinXT (Flying Fish) 8-05886 full
FastskinXT (Flying Fish) 8-05885 full - knee
FastskinXT (Flying Fish) 8-05888 classic
LZR Racer (Male BNA)
LZR Racer (Legskin)
8-018040001 pants - long
LZR Racer (Jammer)
8-018050001 pants - short
LZR Racer Pro Body Skin No Arms full
LZR Racer Pro Body Skin No Arms full
LZR Racer Pro Jammer pants - short
LZR Racer Pro Leg Skin pants - long
LZR Racer Pro Record Breaker classic
LZR Racer Pro Record Breaker Body full
LZR Racer Pro Record Breaker Knee Skin full - knee
Japanese LZR Hybrid SPE015 full
Japanese LZR Hybrid SPE015 full
Japanese LZR Hybrid SPE015 full - knee
Japanese LZR Hybrid SPE015 pants - long
Japanese LZR Hybrid SPE015 pants-short
Fastskin Pro 8 008093218 pants - short
Fastskin Pro 8 008133218 full
Fastskin Pro 8 008153218 classic
Fastskin Pro 8 008143218 full - knee
Fastskin Pro 8 008053218 full
Aquablade 8 205157031 classic
Aquablade 10 072 7031 classic
Aquablade 8 101077031 pants - short
Fastskin 8 100090001 pants - short
Fastskin 8 100080001 pants - long
Fastskin 8 202230001 full - knee
Sports Hig F-09 full
M-12 pants- long
M-01A pants- long
M-10 pants- long
M-08 pants- long
Tyr Sports Inc. Tracer Light
A12 full
Tracer Rise

Yamamotohokosyo Corporation YH-M-F pants - long
YH-M-F2 pants - long
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