PR70 - Against a New York skyline, Lurz and Okimoto continue dominating the 10km


Thomas Lurz (GER) has done it again. On Sunday, September 6, 2009 he earned his fourth FINA 10km World Cup victory in-a-row (his fifth overall) by winning the New York City stage; the seventh out of 12 races in the 2009 series. Lurz had a tactical race that paid off, especially considering the demanding conditions. The course was marked by large swells and surface choppiness that shifted the swimmers around. Occasionally, swimmers even drifted onto rocks that were hard to see and avoid due to the waves. “This was real open water [racing] for many reasons”, said Lurz, who was pushed by a seawall and hit a large rock at one point. “It was choppy and I couldn’t see”. He quickly recovered however, and for the next three laps he timed his attack with perfect strategy. A lead pack of seven made the last turn, but Lurz accelerated and the race was his.

Lurz also confirmed he wants to win his first overall World Cup title this year, saying “this [title] is missing from my record and I will go to the World Cup races in Asia to see if I can win it.” Fran Crippen (USA), who finished third behind the silver medallist Vladimir Dyatchin (RUS), said “Lurz is the best. I made a few mistakes and lost the pack for a while. When I recovered, I looked for Dyatchin and Lurz because they don’t make mistakes.”

In the women’s race, Poliana Okimoto (BRA) earned her fourth 10km victory of the 2009 World Cup season. She later admitted that the race was difficult and that she had to work hard to beat 15 year old Eva Fabian (USA). “I had to work hard to take her at the end,” Okimoto said. Fabian, who had gained a 15m lead at one point, surged for the win as the race drew to a close, but the more experienced Okimoto pursued her relentlessly for the last 600m, closing the gap with every stroke until the pair battled for the first touch. In the end, Okimoto had momentum on her side and won by half a body-length. Angela Maurer finished third and Ana Marcela Cunha (BRA) in fourth.

Medallists – MEN
1. Thomas Lurz (GER), 1:47:41.5
2. Vladimir Dyatchin (RUS), 1:47:43.5
3. Francis Crippen (USA), 1:47:43.9

Medallists - WOMEN
1. Poliana Okimoto (BRA), 2:04:40.8
2. Eva Mariel Fabian (USA), 2:04:45.3
3. Angela Maurer (GER), 2:05:24.6

The next race of the FINA 10km World Cup 2009: September 20, 2009 – Chun An (CHN).

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