PR89 - Second victory for Montenegro, Italy, Croatia and Serbia


The second round of the European groups of the 2010 FINA Men’s Water Polo World League took place on December 8, in Nancy (FRA), Stuttgart (GER), Makarska (CRO), Athens (GRE), Istanbul (TUR) and Oradea (ROU). After these six games, four teams have now won two times, reinforcing the lead in their groups.

In Group A, Montenegro and Italy share the first place with two triumphs each. After beating France in round 1, the Balkan team defeated this time Germany by 16-7. Also playing outside its country, Italy was clearly superior to France (11-7) – the Italians had been better than Germany in round 1. The third round of games, on January 26, 2010 will oppose the two leading teams of the group.

In Group B, Croatia emerged as leader after this round, thanks to the victory over Russia (12-7). In the previous round, the Croatians had also beaten FYR Macedonia, while Russia was better than Greece. In the other match on December 8, Greece defeated, in Athens, their neighbours from FYR Macedonia by 8-6. Russians and Hellenics now share the second position of the group (one victory, one loss), while FYR Macedonia has accumulated two defeats.

Finally, in Group C, Serbia is also the only team with two successes, after beating Romania by 7-5 in Oradea. In the previous round, the Serbians had defeated Turkey. The Turkish squad also lost in this second round, at home in Istanbul, against Spain (4-9). Like in Group B, Romania and Spain (one victory, one loss) are in the second position.

Provisional rankings
GROUP A: 1. SRB, 6 pts (2 wins); 2. ITA, 6 (2W); 3. FRA, 0 (2 losses); 4. GER, 0 (2L)
GROUP B: 1. CRO, 6 pts (2W); 2. RUS, 3 (1W, 1L); 3. GRE, 3 (1W, 1L); 4. MKD, 0 (2L)
GROUP C: 1. SRB, 6 pts (2W); 2. ROU, 3 (1W, 1L); 3. ESP, 3 (1W, 1L); 4. TUR, 0 (2L)

Next round (January 26, 2010):

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