PR22 - Chinese dominate last meet in Veracruz and are the best overall


The third and last meet of the FINA/LI-NING Diving World Series 2010 drew to a close on April 21, 2010, in Veracruz (MEX), after having replaced the competition in Sheffield (GBR), scheduled for April 23-24.

With the Series, China surely continues to nourish its tradition of being the most “golden” nation in the history of the discipline. Overall, no event concluded without a Chinese diver on the highest podium. Qin Kai and Zi He took gold in the men’s and women’s 3m springboard event respectively, Zi He continuing her winning streak through the three meets. Bo Qiu and Ruolin Chen repeated the same feat in the men’s and women’s 10m platform event respectively; they both ended victorious after each meet. In the synchro events, the pairs Qin Kai/Xinhua Zhang and Zi He/Minxia Wu swept gold in the men’s and women’s 3m springboard respectively, with the men’s team extending their domination over the three meets. Finally, in the 10m platform synchro event, it is the teams formed by Yanquan Zhang/Yuan Cao in the men’s and Ruolin Chen/Hao Wang in the women’s that conquered the title. Both teams dominated the rankings in Qingdao’s first meet and the two last meets in Veracruz.      
In excellent shape were also the Mexicans: Yahel Castillo (silver in the 3m springboard), German Sanchez (silver in the 10m platform) and Paola Espinosa (silver in the 3m springboard and bronze in the 10m platform).

The last meet in Veracruz concluded with the Chinese being the incontestable winners, with every event’s gold medal ending in their hands. Moreover, Minxia Wu settled for bronze in the women’s 3m springboard and Li Kang took silver in the women’s 10m platform. Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Russia, USA, Germany and Great Britain were also among the nations to collect medals at the event. 

Prize money for each event’s overall winner of the Series amounted to US$10,000.


Men’s 3m springboard:
Qin Kai (CHN) 48 pts
Men’s 10m platform: Bo Qiu (CHN) 54 pts
Men’s 3m springboard synchro: Qin Kai/Xinhua Zhang (CHN) 81 pts
Men’s 10m platform synchro: Yanquan Zhang/Yuan Cao (CHN) 81 pts

Women’s 3m springboard: Zi He (CHN) 54 pts
Women’s 10m platform: Ruolin Chen (CHN) 54 pts
Women’s 3m springboard synchro: Zi He/Minxia Wu (CHN) 72 pts
Women’s 10m platform synchro: Ruolin Chen/Hao Wang (CHN) 81 pts

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