PR16 - China dominates opening leg in Qingdao (CHN)


Chinese divers won seven out of the eight titles on offer during the first meet of the FINA/LI-NING Diving World Series 2010, which took place in Qingdao (CHN) in March 27-28. This year’s competition, will now continue in Veracruz (MEX, April 16-17) and will conclude in Sheffield (GBR, April 23-24).

In Qingdao, the supremacy of the local stars was clear, with Kai Qin and Bo Qiu easily winning the men’s 3m springboard and 10m platform respectively (in both cases, with more than a 30 point-advantage from their main challengers). In the men’s synchro events, the domination of China was also a reality, with Kai Qin/Xinhua Zhang triumphing in the 3m and Yanquan Zhang/Yuan Cao being the best in the 10m. Other medallists among men included US Troy Dumais, Germany’s Patrick Hausding and Sascha Klein, Russia’s Dmitry Sautin (the most awarded male diver in activity), or Cuba’s Jose Guerra Oliva.

In the women’s field, the scenario was quite the same, with Zi He and Ruolin Chen comfortably winning the individual 3m springboard and 10m platform respectively. There was, however, one exception to the Chinese domination: it happened in the synchro 3m springboard, with the victory of Russia’s Svetlana Filippova and Anastasia Pozdniakova and the last place (fifth) for the Chinese pair Zi He/Minxia Wu, who missed the fourth dive (0 points from the judges), a 305B (reverse 2 ½ somersault, pike). In the 10m synchro event, Ruolin Chen/Hao Wang had no problems in securing the gold. Sharleen Stratton (AUS), Krug Cassidy (USA), or Meaghan Benfeito (CAN) were some of the remaining divers getting medals in Qingdao.

Men’s 3m springboard: 1. Kai Qin (CHN) 523.95; 2. Troy Dumais (USA) 487.50; 3. Patrick Hausding (GER) 462.80
Men’s 10m platform: 1. Bo Qiu (CHN) 588.20; 2. Luxin Zhou (CHN) 552.60; 3. Sascha Klein (GER) 531.50
Men’s 3m springboard synchro: 1. Kai Qin/Xinhua Zhang (CHN) 454.56; 2. Dmitry Sautin/Yuri Kunakov (RUS) 443.01; 3. Stephan Feck/Patrick Hausding (GER) 430.47
Men’s 10m platform synchro: 1. Yanquan Zhang/Yuan Cao (CHN) 483.15; 2. Sascha Klein/Patrick Hausding (GER) 442.56; 3. Jose Guerra Oliva/Jeinkler Aguirre (CUB) 416.28

Women’s 3m springboard: 1. Zi He (CHN) 389.55; 2. Sharleen Stratton (AUS) 338.10; 3. Krug Cassidy (USA) 323.40
Women’s 10m platform: 1. Ruolin Chen (CHN) 448.40; 2. Li Kang (CHN) 390.70; 3. Meaghan Benfeito (CAN) 382.50
Women’s 3m springboard synchro: 1. Svetlana Filippova/Anastasia Pozdniakova (RUS) 316.14; 2. Sharleen Stratton/Briony Cole (AUS) 297.84; 3. Krug Cassidy/Cook Kassidy (USA) 296.10
Women’s 10m platform synchro: 1. Ruolin Chen/Hao Wang (CHN) 330.00; 2. Anabelle Smith/Briony Cole (AUS) 325.32; 3. Meaghan Benfeito/Roseline Filion (CAN) 324.72

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