PR3 - Ercoli (ITA) and Biagioli (ARG) win first race in Rosario (ARG)


FINA open water swimmers are back to the competition and contested the first race of the yearly circuit of the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix 2010, which took place on January 24 in Rosario, Argentina.

In the 15km-race, with a water temperature of 24°, Simone Ercoli (ITA) was the first to cross the finish line in 1h55m04s30, closely followed by Alexander Studzinski (GER), who timed 1h55m04s60. The German star was the third overall ranked athlete of the 2009 series. Bertrand Venturi (FRA) arrived third in 1h55m34s, while Petar Stoychev (BUL), the winner of the circuit since 2001 was only 11th in Argentina.

In the women’s field, it is a victory at home with Cecilia Biagioli (ARG) taking gold in 2h01m46s and her compatriot Antonella Bogarin (ARG) arriving second in 2h01m59s. The third place was granted to Esther Nunez Morera (ESP, sixth of the Grand Prix in 2009) finishing in 2h02m13s.

Full FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix 2010 calendar:
Race 1: January 24, 2010 in Rosario (ARG)

NEXT RACE: January 31, 2010 in Santa Fe (ARG)
Race 3: February 7, 2010 in Hernandarias-Parana (ARG)
Race 4: April 17, 2010 in Sumidero Canyon (MEX)
Race 5: June 20, 2010 in Capri-Napoli (ITA)
Race 6: July 11, 2010 in Sabac (SRB)
Race 7:  July 31, 2010 in Lac St-Jean (CAN)
Race 8:  August 7, 2010 in Lac Magog (CAN)
Race 9:  October 27, 2010 in Dubai (UAE)
Date to be confirmed, in Ohrid (MKD)


Tight finish in the Men's race, Rosario (ARG)

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