Ishchenko and Romashina (RUS) got their fourth gold at halves and first ten points from the judges

Kazan 2015 - SY

The 19-time World Champion Natalia Ishchenko and the 18-time champion Svetlana Romashina from Russia, who won’t take part in group and combi, crowned their unforgettable performance in Kazan with a golden duet free routine on the sixth day of the competition.

With impressive 98,2000 points Ishchenko and Romashina were ahead of Chinese Huang Xuechen and Sun Wenyan (95,9000), who also presented a remarkable programme. The Ukrainian duet Lolita Ananasova and Anna Voloshina were extremely happy to finish with a bronze medal, overcoming such strong teams as Japan and Spain. This was the first podium for Ukraine in synchro events in Kazan.

It’s interesting to know, that at the European Cup in Holland, where the Russians presented their amazing free programme “Alians”, the judges made a remark upon the make-up. It was too bright. So Ishchenko and Romashina performed in Kazan with a traditional for synchronized swimmers face-paint. At the same time the technical specialist noticed one more extraordinary thing at the World Chmpionships: both girls had red manicure and pedicure. But it’s said nothing about that in the rules, so the Russian duet could keep it.

Ishchenko, Romashina and their coach Tatiana Danchenko mentioned that they will create two new duet programmes for the Olympics. They want to surprise the audience and the judges every time they appear in the pool.


Gold Medalist Svetlana Romashina (RUS): "My 18th victory can't be considered a common one since every medal is special in its own way. I have a special shelf at home for medals from all the world championships. Every medal has a story behind it: how they were won, how much I worked for it, how much effort I made. When we win a medal, we try not to fixate on it and move on, work hard, train and participate in other competitions. We are common girls, no one counts our gold medals. You should just be a good person.”

Gold Medalist Natalia Ishchenko (RUS): “Yes, we received an extreme amount of points. And even the artistic impression got 10 points. So, that means that everyone liked our routine. Our coach Tatiana Danchenko is satisfied with our result. It's very nice to perform in front of so many spectators. After I had given birth to my child, I realized that I would go back to the sport only if I could perform at the same level as before. And I felt that I was ready to do that.

Silver medalist Huang Huechen (CHN): “We are very happy! We managed to perform at a very good level. There is nothing bad about another silver medal. Of course, we would like to achieve more in the future. Our dream is to win gold medals. We will work harder to make it happen.

Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina - Photo credit: Giorgio Scala/Deepbluemedia

Bronze medalist Lolita Ananasova (UKR): “It was a hard work for us. And to stand on the pedestal with such great athletes after we were fourth in the preliminaries is a great achievement for us. The Russian and the Chinese duets are very strong. We believe we are a little closer to their level now. Our coaches are so self-confident and they believe in us. Moreover they won’t let us rest. They say we need to fight till the end in spite of all our mistakes and opinions. We believe we’ve succeeded!

Bronze medalist Anna Voloshina's (UKR): “We didn’t expect we would get such great support. A lot of people believe in us. It’s so nice. We are not lonely here. We performed to the music of “Romeo and Juliet”. The first part is about love, and the second part is about two families fighting each other, but the love still wins.