2015 Antidoping Statistics


As of 31/05/2015.

Unannounced Out-of-Competition In Competition

by country pdf
by country pdf
Africa 5 pdf

Americas 61 pdf
26 pdf
Asia 49 pdf
34 pdf
Europe 223 pdf
106 pdf
Oceania 34 pdf
7 pdf
Total 372

Please note that these figures are provisional.

Out-of-competition Testing

The FINA Unannounced Out-of-Competition Testing Programme included 341 athletes from 39 nationalities making a total of 372 doping controls missions.
These missions represents the collection of 357 urine samples and 112 blood samples (Athlete Biological Passport).

In competition Testing

154 swimmers from 30 nationalities were tested in competition with the occasion of the FINA Competitions making a total of 173 doping controls missions.