WPWL Women's Super Final, Day 2: Italy wins close duel with Russia

World League

The United States, Italy and Australia continued their winning streak on the second day of the Women's Water Polo World League Super Final in Shanghai (CHN), while the Netherlands found their form against Brazil 13-5.

Four games were disputed this Wednesday June 10 in the Oriental Sport Centre.

Game 5: AUS 11 - CHN 5 / Quarters: 4-1, 2-2, 4-0, 1-2

AUSTRALIA: Yanitsas Lea, Barr Chloe, Bucking Hannah (2), Lincoln-Smith Holly, Bishop Isobel (1), Knox Bronwen (Captain, 1), Gofers Keesja (1), McGhie Giencora,  Arancini Zoe, Southern Ashleigh (1), Halligan  Bronte (3), Zagame Nicola (2), Wakendfield Kelsey. Head Coach: Greg McFadden.

CHINA: Yang Jun, Tian Jianing, Mei Xiaohan, Xiong Dunhan, Niu Guannan (1), Sun Yating (Captain, 1), Song Donglun, Zhang Cong, Zhao Zihan (2), Zhang Weiwei, Wang Xinyan, Zhang Jing (1), Peng Lin. Head Coach Ricardo Azevedo.

Game report:
Australia dominated the games from the start as Hannah Bucking opened the score after 49 seconds. This first goal made the young Chinese team lost their momentum for the rest of the game. Australia's Nicola Zagame, Ashleigh Southern and captain Bronwen Knox scored three more goals in the first quarter while China only had one goal from left-hander Zhao Zihan. Australia again denied all the efforts China made in the third quarter (4-0) and easily won the game 11-5.

Flash quotes:

Greg McFadden - AUS Head Coach:

“I am very happy with our girls' performance. The first and the fourth quarters are vital for us, we played very well. This victory gives us great confidence for the rest of the tournament.”

Ricardo Azevedo - CHN Head Coach:

We are here to learn and to prepare for the Olympic Games. We played a very physical game with Australia. Our girls did a good job. We started the game terribly; we made a very bad mistake in the first minute. And Australia scored four times while we only scored one in the first quarter. We got nothing in the third quarter. Physically, our defense is good; we had a lot of catches in offense and missed some good shots. We need to work on the offense. I have three new players in the team. They just entered the team a month ago so they are still learning the position and how to play with their teammates. There is a gap of experience comparing with other teams. We need time to get more experience.

 AUS vs CHN. Photo credit: Gao Yuchen

Game 6: NETHERLANDS 13 - BRAZIL 5 / Quarters: 1-2, 4-0, 4-2, 4-1

NETHERLANDS: Aarts Laura, Smit Miloushka (Captain, 3), Genee Dagmar, Van der sloot Gatharina (2), Genee Amarens (1),Stomphorst Nomi, Nijhuis Marloes (1), Sevenicch Vivian (2), Megens Maud, Van toom Isabella (1), Klaassen Lieke (2), Van der molen Lenie (1), Willemsz Debby. Head Coach: Arno Havenga.

BRAZIL: Oliveira Tess, Bahia Viviane, Zablith Marina (Captain, 1), Canetti Marina, Barroncas Lucianne, Chiappini Izabella (2), Oliveira Amanda (1), Carvalho Luiza, Dias Melanie, Fernandes Flavia, Coutinho Mirella, Mantellato Gabriela (1), Chamorro Victoria. Head Coach: Patrick Oaten.

Game report:
Brazil shocked the Netherlands by scoring the first goal by captain Marina Zablith and added one more by Izabella Chiappini for a 2-0 lead in the first quarter. After Arno Havenga, head coach of the Netherlands called a time-out, the Dutch players were awaken up and Vivian Sevenich shot a goal with 0.03 second left in the first quarter. Then the Netherlands returned to calm and cool form by shooting 4 goals each in the next three quarters. While the Netherlands were awake, the Brazilians seemed to have lost concentration from the second quarter for a 0-4.

Flash quotes:
Arno Havenga - NED Head Coach:

“I think we did not start focused enough which is not good. The concentration was not there. We missed a lot of chances and we were 0-2 behind. After my timeout with one minute and a half left in the first quarter, we scored one goal and the rest of the game, we showed different faces. A lot of things can be improved and we can also get experience for the World Championships. Our players are a little bit tired, but it's normal. We need to go step by step. Tomorrow we will play USA, it is going to be a hard battle. According to the time schedule, we play the first game every afternoon. It makes it difficult to have a rest in the afternoon, but it is important for us to improve by playing the world’s best teams here in Shanghai.”

Patrick Oaten - BRA Head Coach:

“Our team played a good a start in the first quarter, and then they got away from the game plan. We led a 2-0, and then I don't know what happened. They change things, and did not follow the right game’s plan. Maybe they were nervous and tired. We need to learn how to respect the game’s plan during the four quarters, not only the first or second quarters. We have some inexperienced players, today they just lost discipline. I hope they can improve game after game."

Game 7: ITALY 14 - RUSSIA 12 / Quarters: 5-3, 5-3, 4-1, 0-3.

ITALY: Goriero Giulia, Tabani Chiara, Garibotti Arianna (1), Radicchi Federica (1), Queirolo Elisa, Aiello Rosaria Aiello, Di Mario Tania (Captain, 2), Bianconi Roberta (2), Emmolo Giulia (3), Pomeri Francesca (1), Cotti Aleksandra, Frassinelti Teresa (4), Teani Laura. Head Coach, Fabio Conti.

RUSSIA: Verkhoglyadova Anastasia, Borisova Maria (1), Prokofyeva Ekaterina (Captain), Karimova Elvina (2) , Krimer Ksenlla (1), Ivanchishina Ksennlla, Tankeeva Ekaterina (2), Zubacheva Ekaterina (1), Timofeeva Anna, Bogdanova Anna (2), Ivanova Evgeniya (2), Iarondaykina Nadezhda (1), Karnaukh Anna. Coach: Ogorodnikov Aleksandr

ITA vs RUS. Photo credit: Gao Yuchen

Game report:
A very close game as Francesca Pomeri scored the first goal for Italy at 48 seconds. Then Elvina Karimova of Russia shot a goal 20 seconds later. Both teams changed the lead in the first quarter but it was Italy that set the tone of the game, leading from 5-3, 5-5, 4-1, 0-3. While Russia's head Nikhail Nakoriakov returned home for health problem on Wednesday and left coach Aleksandr Ogorodnikov conducting the game.

Flash quotes:
Fabio Conti - ITA Head Coach:

We won a close game. Russia is a very strong team. My only disappointment was that Nakoriakov Russia’s Head coach, had to fly home because of a health issue. I hope to see him in Kazan.
We played with very experienced players and we took the advantage with 5 goals. In the last quarter, my girls lost some concentration. It is normally in a tournament that we have to think about tomorrow's game against Australia. The players think about the next game and this is a big problem.”

Aleksandr Ogorodnikov - RUS Coach:

“Because our head coach Nikhail Nakoriakov had some problems with his health and returned home we were all preoccupied and that led to our failure today. Otherwise, the result might have been different.”

Game 8: USA 9 - CANADA 3  / Quarters: 2-1, 2-1, 3-1, 2-0

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Hill Samanstha, Madeline Musselman, Melissa Seidemann, Fattal Rachel (2), Clark Caroline (1), Steffens Margaret (Captain, 1),  Mathewson Courtney (1), Neushul Kiley (2),  Grossman Ashley, Gilchrist Kaleigh, Fischer Makenzie (2), Craig Kameryn, Johnson Ashleigh. Head Coach: Adam Krikorian.

CANADA: Gaudreault Jessica, Alogbo Krystina (Captain) , Monton Katrina (1), Wright Emma, Eggens Monika (1), Mckee Kelly, Bekhazi Joelle (1), Fournier Shae, Eggens Carmen, Robinson Christine, Valin Stephanie, Perreault  Dominique, Collerjohn Nicola. Head Coach: Johanne Begin.

USA vs CAN. Photo credit: Gao Yuchen

Game report:
Team USA dominated the game while Canada lost their winning form. Yesterday Canada edged the Netherlands 15-14 in penalty shoot-out but in this match USA led the first quarter 2-1 and then extended the lead 4-2, 7-3 and denied most of the Canadian's shooting attempts.

Flash quotes:
Adam Krikorian - USA Head Coach:

We tried to focus on our defense. We are focused and aware of the fencer. Our players communicated with each other very well. However, we can play much better than this in offense. Being on top of the world ranking, means nothing to us. Any results before this specific tournament is not so important. We have to give it all here!

Johanne Begin- CAN Head Coach:
“It is certainly not the game we wanted. We could have played much better than that. One important goal in the second quarter was heart breaking which cut our rhythm. We had to come back to the second half. But this game does not change the course of the tournament, hopefully.”