PR 44 - Teheran welcomes fresh teams for the 5th Development Trophy

Press Release

Lausanne (SUI), May 22, Lausanne- Teheran (IRI) will host the 5th edition of the FINA Men’s Water Polo Development Trophy, taking place from May 24-29, 2015 at the Shahid Shiroudi Stadium.

With this event, launched eight years ago and taking place every odd year, FINA intends to promote water polo on a global scale, especially in countries where the sport hasn’t matched its full development.

The teams taking part in the 2015 edition are: Austria, Azerbaijan, Guatemala, Indonesia, Iran, Kuwait, Malta, Morocco, Tunisia, and Uruguay.

Last edition's (2013, Kuwait City) final ranking was as follows: 1. Uzbekistan 2. Egypt 3. Saudi Arabia 4. Puerto Rico 5. Kuwait 6. Uruguay 7. South Africa 8. Tunisia 9. Singapore 10. Guatemala 11. Peru

The three previous editions of 2007, 2009 and 2011 were respectively won by Colombia, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

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