PR 30 - Brazil, China, Japan and Malaysia win gold in San Juan (PUR)

Press Release

Lausanne (SUI), April 20, 2015 - Brazil, China, Japan and Malaysia won gold medals in the fourth leg of the FINA Diving Grand Prix 2015, organised in San Juan (PUR) from April 16-19. The Asian delegations were the most successful ones with five titles to China and three victories for Japan. Brazil and Malaysia dominated in the mixed events. The Puerto Rican rendezvous was attended by 74 divers from 17 nations.

In the men’s events, Japanese and Chinese divers shared the honours, with triumphs in the 3m and 10m events, respectively. Ken Terauchi (JPN) was the athlete to watch, with victories in the individual and synchro (where he paired with Sho Sakai) springboard, while Qiyuan Hu and Bowen Huang got gold and silver in the individual 10m platform.

Among women, China got three out of the four titles at stake, only missing the win in the individual 3m springboard, where Minami Itahashi (JPN) was the best in 297.60. Siyu Ji, from China, was also in excellent shape, by earning gold in the individual and synchro (with Yaying Ding) 10m platform events.

In the mixed events, Malaysian pair Syafiq/Zhiayi finished first in the 3m, while Brazilians Outerelo/Oliveira earned gold in the 10m platform. Other countries with medals in San Juan included Belarus, Colombia, Egypt, Mexico, Puerto Rico and USA.    

The fifth meet of the FINA Grand Prix 2015 will take place in Madrid (ESP) from June 26-28.


3m springboard: 1. Ken Terauchi (JPN) 424.65; 2. Cesar Castro (BRA) 418.50; 3. Sebastian Morales (COL) 418.30
10m platform: 1. Qiyuan Hu (CHN) 469.35; 2. Bowen Huang (CHN) 468.50; 3. Ooi Tze Liang (MAS) 434.60
3m springboard synchro: 1. Sho Sakai/Ken Terauchi (JPN) 378.27; 2. Ooi Tze Liang/Azman Ahmad Amsyar (MAS) 377.13; 3. Rongquan Chen/Yuming Zhong (CHN) 339.09
10m platform synchro: 1. Bowen Huang/Anqi Wang (CHN) 414.93; 2. Ooi Tze Liang/Chew Yiwei (MAS) 380.85; 3. Vadim Kaptur/Yauheni Karaliou (BLR) 375.66


3m springboard: 1. Minami Itahashi (JPN) 297.60; 2. Juliana Veloso (BRA) 293.70; 3. Samantha Pickens (USA) 290.70
10m platform: 1. Siyu Ji (CHN) 351.80; 2. Minami Itahashi (JPN) 323.55; 3. Ingrid Oliveira (BRA) 319.25
3m springboard synchro: 1. Chunting Wu/Lin Qu (CHN) 305.40; 2. Deidre Freeman/Jessica Parratto (USA) 272.40; 3. Luisa Jimenez/Jeniffer Fernandez (PUR) 266.25
10m platform synchro: 1. Siyu Ji/Yaying Ding (CHN) 307.50; 2. Giovanna Pedroso/Ingrid Oliveira (BRA) 284.52; 3. Paola Pineda/Carolina Mendoza (MEX) 280.02

3m springboard: 1. Muhammad Syafiq/Loh Zhiayi (MAS) 292.86; 2. Lingrui Liu/Qiyuan Hu (CHN) 277.20; 3. Sebastian Villa Castaneda/Diana Pineda (COL) 267.99
10m platform: 1. Luiz Felipe Outerelo/Ingrid Oliveira (BRA) 281.64; 2. Loh Zhiayi/Chew Yiwei (MAS) 273.09; 3. Maha Abdel Salam/Mohab Ishak (EGY) 224.61

February 20-22 - Rostock (GER)
April 2-5 - Leon (MEX)
April 9-12 - Gatineau (CAN)
April 16-19 - San Juan (PUR)

June 26-28 - Madrid (ESP)
July 3-5 - Bolzano (ITA)
October 16-18 - Singapore (SIN)
October 23-25 - Kuala Lumpur (MAS)
Oct 29-Nov 1 - Gold Coast (AUS)

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