PR 76 - OWS Junior Worlds 2014: China and Hungary swim fast at Balaton Lake (HUN)


Lausanne (SUI), September 7, 2014 - China and Hungary were the strongest nations in the second edition of the FINA World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships, organised in Balaton Lake (HUN) on September 5-7, 2014. Both countries got two gold medals each, and were followed by Russia and United States (with one title each). Italy, Venezuela, Brazil and France completed the list of National Federations with podium presences in the competition.

In the individual events, four nations won the gold medals at stake: at the junior level (17-18 years old), the 7.5 km race was won by Anton Evsikov (RUS) among boys and by Nikoletta Kiss (HUN) in the girls field. Russia and Hungary clearly dominated this age group, with respectively two more medals (bronze in the boys and silver in the girls) and one more podium presence (bronze in the girls’ race). Venezuela got the silver among boys.

In the youth category (14-16 years old), China was the nation to beat, with three medals on six possible awards: victory among girls in the 5 km race with Siyu Yan, silver and bronze in the boys event. USA (Taylor Abbott was the best in the male competition), Italy and France completed the list of countries with medals in this age group.

The individual rankings were confirmed in the two team events, contested in the last day of the championships: in the junior category, Hungary managed to take a home win in front of Russia, while China was the best among the youth.

Medallists in Balatonfured (HUN):

Junior boys, 7.5 km: 1. Anton Evsikov (RUS), 1h27m08s32; 2. Diego Vera (VEN), 1h27m11s21; 3. Kirill Belyayev (RUS), 1h27m28s16

Junior girls, 7.5 km:
1. Nikoletta Kiss (HUN), 1h32m42s27; 2. Anastasiia Azarova (RUS), 1h32m43s73; 3. Flora Sibalin (HUN), 1h32m46s53

Junior Team Event, 3 km: 1. Hungary, 33m26s1; 2. Russia, 33m34s4; 3. Brazil, 34m26s4

Youth boys, 5 km: 1. Taylor Abbott (USA), 56m13s32; 2. Jintong Yang (CHN), 56m17s64; 3. Zhongyi Qiao (CHN), 56m18s33

Youth girls, 5 km: 1. Siyu Yan (CHN), 1h00m40s81; 2. Carlotta de Mattia (ITA), 1h00m45s33; 3. Charline Secrestat (FRA), 1h00m45s71

Youth Team Event (3km): 1. China, 33m25s5; 2. Italy, 34m27s7; 3. USA, 34m33s6

Team Trophy

1. Russia, 72 points
2. Hungary, 57 pts
3. France, 35 pts

1. China, 67 points
2. United States, 51 pts
3. France, 36 pts