PR 48 - World League (M) 2014: Serbia beats Hungary and revalidates title in Dubai (UAE)


Lausanne (SUI), June 21, 2014 – The team of Serbia won the 2014 edition of the FINA Men’s Water Polo World League, beating Hungary by 10-6 in the decisive game of the Super Final held in the Hamdan Sports Complex of Dubai (UAE) from June 16-21. It was the second consecutive triumph of the Balkan team in the competition and the eighth overall (including two as Serbia-Montenegro). Montenegro got the bronze, in what was a perfect replica of the 2013 podium.

In the final match, the Serbians made the difference in the second quarter, with a 4-0 advantage. Filip Filipovic was once more a key player for the winning team, netting three goals. He was the most successful scorer of the Super Final, with a total of 17. Gojko Pijetlovic, also from Serbia, was named the best Goalkeeper, while Hungary (2013 world champion) had the consolation of having Daniel Varga as the MVP of the tournament. The team of Serbia only missed three podiums in the history of the FINA Men’s World League (2002, 2003 and 2012), while Hungary is also a regular medallist (seven awards, including the gold in 2003 and 2004).

In the bronze-medal game, Montenegro and Australia were tied at 8-8 at the end of the regular time thanks to a decisive goal of Nikola Murisic (MNE) with eight seconds to go. In the penalty shootout, the Montenegrins were luckier, finishing with a clear advantage of 4-1 and sealing the final result in 12-9. Since its independence, this is the fourth podium presence for the Balkan team, after the victory in 2009, the silver medal in 2010 and the bronze also in 2013. Australia’s last medal (bronze) in the competition dates back from 2008.

In the remaining matches of the final day in Dubai, the North American duel for the fifth place was won by USA, with a convincing triumph over Canada by 14-11. The team of USA made one podium appearance in the history of the World League, when it won the silver medal in 2008.

Closing the Super Final classification, Brazil narrowly won China by 8-7, getting the seventh spot of the 2014 edition of the FINA Men’s Water Polo World League.

FINAL RANKING (and Prize Money):
1. Serbia (US$ 100’000)
2. Hungary (US$ 70’000)
3. Montenegro (US$ 50’000)

4. Australia (US$ 35’000); 5. United States (US$ 30’000); 6. Canada (US$ 25’000); 7. Brazil (US$ 20’000); 8. China (US$ 15’000)

MEDALLISTS at the FINA Men's World League
2002: 1. RUS, 2. ESP, 3. HUN
2003: 1. HUN, 2. ITA, 3. USA
2004: 1. HUN, 2. SCG, 3. GRE
2005: 1. SCG, 2. HUN, 3. GER
2006: 1. SCG, 2. ESP, 3. GRE
2007: 1. SRB, 2. HUN, 3. AUS
2008: 1. SRB, 2. USA, 3. AUS
2009: 1. MNE, 2. CRO, 3. SRB
2010: 1. SRB, 2. MNE, 3. CRO
2011: 1. SRB, 2. ITA, 3. CRO
2012: 1. CRO, 2. ESP, 3. ITA
2013: 1. SRB, 2. HUN, 3. MNE
2014: 1. SRB, 2. HUN, 3. MNE