Women's Intercontinental Tournament, Day 6: Australia, USA, Canada and Brazil qualify for Super Final

World League

Game #1: Kazakhstan vs Venezuela 17-9

Kazakhstan came out and scored the first goal of the match. Venezuela was quick to answer with a goal of their own. Keeping the match close both teams played aggressively the entire first half. Venezuela managed to gain the lead with a score of six to five to end the half. Once the second half resumed Kazakstan had five unanswered goals to take the lead. Kazakhstan won the game with a final score of 17-9.

The Kazakhstan offense was led by Natalya Shepelina with five goals of her own. Other scorers included: Aizhan Akilbayeva(2), Assel Jakayeva (4), Anastassiya Mirshina (1), Oxana Saichuk (1), Anna Turova (1) Natalya Alexandrova (2).

The Venezuelan offense was led by Yineldy Araujo, Rocio Galue,and Dulce Hernandez with two goals a piece. Other scorers included: Oriana Rolfo (1), Jeisnaimil Agelvis (1) and Genesis Perez (1).

Team Kazakhstan Scorers:

Aizhan Akilbayeva -2 goals
Assel Jakayeva -4 goals
Natalya Shepelina -5 goals
Anastassiya Mirshina -2 goals
Oxana Saichuk -1 goal
Anna Turova -1 goal
Natalya Alexandrova -2 goals

Team Venezuela Scorers:

Rocio Galue -2 goals
Oriana Rolfo -1 goal
Dulce Hernandez -2 goals
Jeisnaimil Agelvis -1 goal
Yineldy Araujo -2 goals
Genesis Perez -1 goal

Game #2: Brazil vs Japan 11-10 (after penalties)

Brazil came out strong with the first two goals of the match. Japan managed to find the back of the net and scored a goal of their own shortly after. Both Brazil and Japan’s defense were solid throughout the first half. Amanda Oliveira of Brazil and Rikako Miura of Japan both saved many shot attempts throughout the first half to keep the score 4-3. It was goal for goal in the third quarter to keep it tied. After the fourth quarter it was still a tie at 7-7, which meant it was time for a shoot out. Brazil came out with the win 11-10 after Tess Oliviera made a crucial save on the final shooter for Japan. With China advancing to the final four, Brazil clinched a berth in the FINA World League Super Final by finishing in fifth place.

The Brazilian offense was led by Mirella Coutinlo with three goals of her own. Other Scorers included: Amanda Oliveira (2), Luiza Calvallo (1), Diana Abla (2), Izabella Chiappini (1), Malina Zablith (1), and Melani Dias (1).

The Japanese offense was led by Misa Shiga with three goals of her own. Other Scorers included: Moe Nakata (1), Ayaka Takahashi (1), Tsubasa Mori (1), Shino Magariyama (2), Yumi Kojo (1) and Yumi Nakano (1).

Team Brazil Scorers:

Amanda Oliveira -2 goals
Luiza Calvallo -1 goal
Diana Abla -2 goals
Mirella Coutinlo -3 goals
Izabella Chiappini -1 goal
Malina Zablith -1 goal
Melani Dias -1 goal

Team Japan Scorers:

Misa Shiga -3 goals
Moe Nakata -1 goal
Tsubasa Mori -1 goal
Ayaka Takahashi -1 goal
Shino Magariyama -2 goals
Yumi Kojo -1 goal
Yumi Nakano -1 goal

Game #3: Canada vs China 8-10

The first quarter was an exciting quarter between the two, each team found the back of the net twice to leave the first quarter at 2-2. The second quarter was nothing less than a battle between the two teams both trying to gain the lead. It was China who gained the advantage going into the second half, ending the half with a score of 5-3. Third quarter was an extremely aggressive quarter with both teams taking multiple shots to get the go ahead goal. China kept the lead with a score of 7-6. In the last quarter China made sure to keep their lead and put away another three goals to seal the victory at 10-8. By finishing in the final four both Canada and China qualified for the FINA World League Super Final. China already held a spot by serving as host of the World League Super Final.

The Canadian offense was led by Shae Fournier and Monika Eggens with two goals a piece. Other scorers included: Carman Eggens (1), Elyse Lemay-Lavoie (1), Joelle Bekhazi (1) and Krystina Alogbo (1).

The Chinese offense was led by Zhang Cong with five goals of her own. Other scorers included: Sun Yating (1), Li Shu Jin (1), Tian Jia Ning (1) and Wang Xin Yan (2).

Team Canada Scorers:

Carmen Eggens -1 goal
Shae Fournier -2 goals
Krystina Alogbo -1 goal
Monika Eggens -2 goal
Elyse Lemay-Lavoie -1 goal
Joelle Bekhazi -1 goal

Team China Scorers:

Zhang Cong -5 goals
Sun Yating -1 goal
Wang Xin Yan -2 goals
Li Shu Jin -1 goal
Tian Jia Ning -1 goal

Game #4: United States vs Australia 5-7

The final match of the FINA Intercontinental Tournament was between U.S.A and Australia for the Gold Medal. Australia was first to make a connection with the back of the net taking a 2-0 lead over USA. Colleen O’Donnell was able to score first for the U.S. making it 2-1. Australia managed to draw a penalty and converted. Australia had a 3-1 lead over USA at the end of the first quarter. The second quarter started off with a goal by Kaleigh Gilchrist to bring the score to 3-2. USA and Australia both played solid defense throughout the first half. Near the end of the first half Ashleigh Southern of Australia managed to get past EB Keeve giving the Aussies a 4-3 lead at the end of the first half. Only a few minutes into the third quarter Sophie Smith made a connection with the back of the net to give Australia a 5-3 lead over the U.S. Kameryn Craig added a goal late in the third period to give Australia only a one goal lead at 5-4 over USA. With two minutes left in the third period and Jillian Kraus was able to score another goal for USA to tie up the game. With only a few seconds left in the third, Rowie Webster of Australia scored to give Australia a 6-5 lead going into the last and final quarter. Late in the fourth quarter Gemma Beadsworth scored her third goal of the day to give Australia a 7-5 lead which would lead to Australia's victory over Team USA. By finishing in the final four both Australia and the United States qualified for the FINA World League Super Final.

The USA offense was led by Colleen O’Donnell (1), Kaleigh Gilchrist (1), Priscilla Orozco (1), Kameryn Craig (1), Jillian Kraus (1).

The Australian offense was led by Gemma Beadsworth with three goals of her own. Other scorers included: Rowie Webster (2), Ashleigh Southern (1), Sophie Smith (1).

Team U.S. Scorers:

Colleen O’Donnell -1 goal
Kaleigh Gilchrist -1 goal
Priscilla Orozco -1 goal
Kameryn Craig -1 goal
Jillian Kraus -1 goal

Team Australia Scorers:

Gemma Beadsworth -3 goals
Rowie Webster -2 goals
Ashleigh Southern -1 goal
Sophie Smith -1 goal

The winning team of Australia - credit: Mark Felix/USA Water Polo

(Courtesy of USA Water Polo)