Women's Intercontinental Tournament, Day 5: USA defeats China 14-10

World League

Game #1 Brazil vs Kazakhstan 12-11

Brazil and Kazakhstan started off day 6 of the FINA Intercontinental Women’s Water Polo tournament with a close game. Both teams were tied going into the fourth quarter of play and Brazil ended up victorious with a score of 12-11. Izabella Chiappini played a strong offensive game for Brazil. Chiapinni scored 8 goals for the Brazillian’s who also had goals from Mirella Coutinlo (2), Mailina Canetti (1), and Lunianne Balloncas (1). Tess Oliveira played in goal for the Brazilian’s and made 6 saves.

Kazakhstan’s offense was lead by Oxana Saichuk who scored 4 goals for the team. Goal’s also came from Anna Turova (2), Natalya Shepelina(2), Marina Gritsenk (1), Natalya Alexandrova (1), and Assel Jakayeva (1). Alexandra Zharkova was in the goal for Kazakhstan and made 6 saves.

Team Brazil Scorers:

Mailina Canetti -1 goal
Izabella Chiappini –8 goals
Mirella Coutinlo -2 goals
Lunianne Balloncas -1 goal

Team Kazakhstan Scorers:

Anna Turova -2 goals
Oxana Saichuk -4 goals
Marina Gritsenk -1 goal
Natalya Alexandrova -1 goal
Assel Jakayeva -1 goal
Natalya Shepelina -2 goals

BRA vs KAZ - - credit: Carlos Delgado/USA Water Polo

Game #2 Japan vs Venezuela 18-5

Japan and Venezuela matched up in the second game of the day at Riverside Aquatic Complex. Japan took the lead early and held it the entire game. Japan’s offense was well rounded. Goals were scored by Midori Sugiyama (3), Moe Nakata (2), Yumi Nakano (2), Yumi Kojo (2), Misa Shiga (2), Akiyo Konishi (2), Tsubasa Mori (2), Shino Magariyama (1), and Saki Ogawa (1).  Rikako Miura made 7 saves for Japan.

Venezuela’s offense was lead by Yineldy Araujo who scored 4 goals. Venezuela’s other scorer was Dulce Hernandez who scored 1 goal. Loren Godoy and Angela Calvo split time in the net for Venezuela. Calvo made 4 saves while Calvo made 2.

Team Japan Scorers:

Midori Sugiyama -3 goals
Moe Nakata -2 goals
Shino Magariyama -1 goal
Yumi Nakano -2 goals
Yumi Kojo -2 goals
Misa Shiga -2 goal
Saki Ogawa -1 goal
Akiyo Konishi -2 goals
Tsubasa Mori -2 goals
Ayaka Takahashi -1 goal

Team Venezuela Scorers:

Yineldy Araujo -4 goals
Dulce Hernandez -1 goal

JPN vs VEN - - credit: Carlos Delgado/USA Water Polo

Game #3 Australia vs Canada 12-11 (after penalties)

In the third game of the night, Australia took on Canada. Both teams played a strong game and the score was close the whole time. The final score was 12-11 with Australia getting the win. Australia was behind in the first two quarters until Gemma Beadsworth from Australia scored 2 goals in the third to tie it up. After that both teams scored three more times before the fourth quarter ended in a 9-9 tie. Australia won after the shoot out with goals from Rowie Webster, Ashleigh Southern, and Jessica Zimmerman. Kelsey Wakefield made 3 blocks for the Australian’s during the shoot out. For the Canadians, Emma Wright and Monika Eggens both scored in the shoot out but it was not enough to win the game.

Australia’s offense was lead by Rowie Webster who scored 4 goals with help from Gemma Beadsworth (3) and Ashleigh Southern(2). Kelsey Wakefield was in goal for the Australians and made 12 saves.

Emma Wright had a strong offensive performance with 3 goals. Other Canadian scorers were Christine Robinson (2), Krystina Alogbo (1), Joelle Bekhazi (1), Carman Eggens (1), and Shae Fournier (1). Nicola Colterjohn and Alicia Magliocco split time in the goal. Colterjohn made 5 saves while Magliocco made 1 for the Canadians.

Team Canada Scorers:

Krystina Alogbo -1 goal
Emma Wright -3 goals
Joelle Bekhazi -1 goal
Carman Eggens -1 goal
Christine Robinson -2 goals
Shae Fournier -1 goal

Team Australia Scorers:

Gemma Beadsworth -3 goals
Rowie Webster -4 goals
Ashleigh Southern -2 goals

AUS vs CAN - credit: Carlos Delgado/USA Water Polo

Game #4 USA vs China 14-10

In the final game of the night, USA faced off against China. The United States won with a final score of 14-10. China came out strong early in the first quarter by scoring the first two goals of the game. Kaleigh Gilchrist answered tying up the game by scoring two goals. Sun Yu Jun of China scored but the USA came back with goals from Priscilla Orozco and Kami Craig making it 4-3 after one quarter of play.

KK Clark and Maddie Musselman both scored in the second quarter of the game. Sun Yu Jun scored her second goal of the game with almost no time remaining in the first half making it 6-4. In the first half of the game EB Keeve made 6 saves for the USA and Peng Lin made 4 saves for China.

The third quarter lead to many scoring opportunities for both teams. Kami Craig and Musselman scored the first two goals of the quarter followed by goals from China’s Song Dong Lun and Zhang Cong. Makenzie Fischer scored two goals in the quarter and Marisa Young also scored for the USA. Wang Xin Yan and Li Shu Jin scored for China in the quarter. The quarter ended with a score of 11-8 with the USA leading.

In the fourth quarter, Alys Williams scored 2 goals and Kami Craig scored 1 for the United States. China’s Zhao Zi Han scored a goal on a 5-meter penalty and Zhang Cong also scored for China. EB Keeve made 10 saves for the USA and China’s Peng Lin made 6 saves.

Team USA Scorers:

KK Clark -1 goal
Priscilla Orozco -1 goal
Maddie Musselman -2 goals
Kaleigh Gilchrist -2 goals
Kami Craig -3 goals
Marisa Young -1 goal
Makenzie Fischer -2 goals
Alys Williams -2 goals

Team China Scorers:

Sun Yu Jun -2 goals
Song Dong Lun -2 goals
Wang Xin Yan -2 goals
Li Shu Jin -1 goal
Zhang Cong -2 goals
Zhao Zi Han -1 goal

(Courtesy of USA Water Polo)

USA vs CHN - credit: Carlos Delgado/USA Water Polo