Women's Intercontinental Tournament, Day 4: Unbeaten USA and Australia advance to semis

World League

Game #1 Canada vs Brazil 10-6

Day 4 of the FINA Women's Intercontinental Water Polo Tournament kicked ofF with Canada battling Brazil. The final score was 10-6 with Canada giving Brazil the loss. The game began with both goalies giving a solid effort. However, Canada took an early lead with two goals from Joelle Bekhazi. Bekhazi came out agressive early by forcing tunrovers and taking advantage of them on the offensive end. At the end of two periods Canada had a 5-2 lead over Brazil, with Izabella Chiappini scoring both goals for Brazil. Brazil tried to rally back with Mirella Coutilo scoring two goals for Team Brazil. However, Canada’s captain Krystina Alogbo and Monkika Eggens were too much for Brazil, both scored two goals in the second half. Handing Canada a 10-6 win over Brazil.

The Canadian offense was well balanced having six different scorers for today's contest. The Brazilian offense consisted of four different scorers for the contest. Top Scorer for both teams consisted of: CAN:Joelle Bekhazi (3), Krystina Alogbo (2), and Monika Eggens (2). BRA: Izabella Chiappini (2) and Mirella Coutinlo (2).

Team Canada Scorers:

Krystina Alogbo -2 goals
Monkia Eggens -2 goals
Emma Wright -1 goal
Joelle Bekhazi -3 goals
Christine Robinson -1 goal
Shae Fournier -1 goal

Team Brazil Scorers:

Izabella Chiappini -2 goals
Amanda Oliveira -1 goal
Melani Dias -1 goal
Mirella Coutinlo -2 goals

Game #2 China vs Japan 9-8

The second game of the day consisted of the Asian countries of China and Japan competing. The final score was 9-8 , China over Japan. This was an aggressive game from the start for both teams. Both China and Japan receiving multiple exclusions early on. At the half the score was tied at 4-4. Japan converted most of their goals off of 6 on 5 advantages. The leading scorers for both teams at the half included: CHN: Sun Yating (2) and JPN: Yumi Nakano. After the third period China scored two unanswered goals taking a 6-4 advantage over Japan. Japan scored four goals in the fourth period, two of them coming from Yumi Nakano. However, it wasn’t enough to come away with the win. Late goals by Liu Ping, Zhang Cong, and Li Shu Jin of China sealed up the victory.

The Chinese offense was well balanced in today’s contest. They had seven different scorers including a three goal performance by Sun Yating. Japan had four different scorers including four goals for Yumi Nakano. Nakano lead all scorers in today’s contest.

Top Scorers for both teams include: CHN: Sun Yating (3) JPN: Yumi Nakano (4).

Team China Scorers:

Li Shu Jin -1 goal
Liu Ping -1 goal
Sun Yating -3 goals
Zhang Cong -1 goal
Zhao Zi Han -1 goal
Tian Jia Ning -1 goal
Wang Xin Yan -1 goal

Team Japan Scorers:

Saki Ogawa -1 goal
Ayaka Takahashi -2 goals
Misa Shiga -1 goal
Yumi Nakano -4 goals

Game #3 Kazakhstan vs Australia 6-12

From the beginning Australia came out strong on the offensive end. Three early goals scored by Australians Gemma Beadsworth (1) and Ashleigh Southern (2) made the score 3-1 at the end of the first period. Gemma Beadsworth, Eleisha Browne, Sophie Smith, and Rowie Webster each score one goal in the second period to increase the lead 7-1. Kazakhstan went scoreless in the second period. At the end of three, four Australians have multiple goals. Those players consist of Gemma Beadsworth, Rowie Webster, Jayde Appel, and Ashleigh Browne. As the fourth began Australia scored two straight goals but Kazakhstan would close out the game with three straight goals. Unfortunately it was not enough. A dominant first three quarters by Australia allowed them to keep the lead and come away with the victory over Kazakhstan.

The Australian offense was well balanced having seven different players score goals. Four of those players scored more than one goal. As for Kazakhstan, their offense consisted of five different scorers just one of them with more than one goal.

Top Scorers for both teams include: AUS: Gemma Beadsworth (3), Jayde Appel (2), Rowie Webster (2), and Ashleigh Southern (2). KAZ: Aizhan Akilbayeva (2).

Team Kazakhstan Scorers:

Azihan Akilbayeva -2 goals
Anna Turova -1 goal
Kamila Zakirova -1 goal
Assel Jakayeva -1 goal
Marina Gritsenko -1 goal

Team Australia Scorers:

Gemma Beadsworth -3 goals
Sophie Smith -1 goal
Jayde Appel -2 goals
Rowie Webster -2 goals
Eleisha Browne -1 goal
Bronte Colenso -1 goal
Ashleigh Southern -2 goals

Game #4 USA vs Venezuela 17-1

USA came out firing early, with five different USA players scoring one goal a piece. Elizabeth Armstrong defended the net beautifully helping hold Venezuela scoreless through the first quarter. As the second quarter commenced USA scored two straight goals. One of those goals came from Jillian Kraus who scored off a penalty shot after drawing the penalty. Yineldy Araujo of Venezuela scored the first goal of the night for her team, which brought the score to 7-1. USA would close the half with a late second quarter goal by Kaleigh Gilchrist, increasing the lead 8-1 at the half. The leading scores at the half for USA: Craig (2), Gilchrist (2), and Kraus (2). Leading scorer for Venezuela is Araujo (1). As the third quarter commenced USA’s Kameryn Craig scored her third goal of the evening and Alys Williams fired a dart to score her first goal of the game, bringing the USA lead 10-1. Team USA closed the quarter with Colleen O’Donnell scoring her first goal of the evening as the shot clock expired. The fourth quarter began with Craig scoring her fourth goal of the game. The USA did not let up at all as the match wound down. They remained aggressive and continued to increase the lead. They would go on to score five more goals in that quarters ultimately winning in dominate fashion over Venezuela 17-1.

USA had an astonishing eleven different players score in tonight’s game. Four players scored multiple goals. As for Venezuela they had one scorer the entire match.

Top scores of USA included: Kameryn Craig (4), Kaleigh Gilchrist (2), Jillian Kraus (2) and Colleen O’Donnell (2). The top scorer for Venezuela was Yineldy Araujo (1).

Team USA Scorers:

Madeline Rosenthal -1 goal
Marisa Young -1 goal
Colleen O’Donnell -2 goals
Caroline Clark -1 goal
Priscilla Orozco -1 goal
Madeline Musselman -1 goal
Makenzie Fischer -2 goals
Jillian Kraus -2 goals
Kaleigh Gilchrist -2 goals
Alys Wlliams -1 goal
Kameryn Criag -4 goals
Team Venezuela Scorers:

Yineldy Araujo -1 goal