Women's Intercontinental Tournament, Day 3: USA and Japan register tight wins after penalties

World League

Game #1 Venezuela vs Australia 0-17

Venezuela battled Australia in the first game of the day. Australia was strong offensively and won 17-0. Australia was locked in defensively forcing turnovers and making Venezuela pay for their mistakes. It was a solid performance by Australian player Rowie Webster who totaled four goals for the afternoon. Lillian Hedges and Kelsey Wakefield split time in goal for the Australians. Hedges made 5 saves while Wakefield made 3. In goal for Venezuela was Lorena Godoy and Angela Calvo who also split time in the goal. Godoy made 7 saves for the Venezuelans while Calva made 2.
Team Australia Scorers:

Jessica Zimmerman -2 goals
Rowie Webster -4 goals
Keesja Gofers -1 goal
Bronte Colenso -1 goal
Sophie Smith -2 goals
Eleisha Browne -3 goals
Gemma Beadsworth -2 goals
Jayde Appel -2 goals

Game #2 China vs Brazil 8-6

China took on Brazil for the second game of the afternoon. This was a very intense and aggressive game. Resulting in China getting the victory over Brazil 8-6. China came out active on the offensive end early taking a quick 4-1 lead at the end of the first. However Brazilian Izabella Chiappini came alive and scored another goal before the half making it 4-2 China. The second half of the game became really aggressive for Chinese player Song Dong Lun who was called for a brutality on a punch and was forced to sit for the remainder of the game. This opened up the Brazilian offense resulting in Izabella Chiappini scoring an additional two goals as Brazil had a four minute player advantange. Unfortunately for Brazil, it was not enough to come up with the win. Chinese player Zhao Zi Han was phenomenal and ended the game with 5 goals.

Team China Scorers:

Liu Ping -1 goal
Sun Yu Jun -1 goal
Song Dong Lun -1 goal
Zhao Zi Han -5 goals

Team Brazil Scorers:

Mailina Zablith -1 goal
Izabella Chiappini -4 goals
Amanda Oliveria -1 goal

Game #3 Kazakhstan vs Japan 10-11 (after penalty)

Kazakhstan took on Japan for the third game of the evening. It started of extremely close as both teams scored a few goals off of penalty shots. Both teams were locked in defensively. At the half the score was 4-3 with Japan in front. Yumi Nakano led the way for Japan with three goals. At the end of three quarters Japan increased there lead to 7-4. Japan looked to have had this game in the bag but Kazakhstan rallied with three unanswered goals to tie it 7-7 at the end of regulation. The match then concluded with a shootout. Anastassiya Mirshina of Kazakhstan attempted the first shot, and was blocked. Japan’s left-handed Yumi Nakano countered with a goal for Japan. Fast-forward to the final penalty shot, Japan was in position to win the match. It was tied 10-10 and Erina Kakiichi was set to take the final shot. The aquatic complex was dead silent and ultimately ending in cheers of the Japanese as Kakiichi scored the shot handing Team Japan with a victory. The final score was 11-10.

Team Japan Scorers:

Saki Ogawa -1 goal
Moe Nakata -1 goal
Erina Kakiichi -2 goals
YumiNakano -5 goals
Saki Ogawa -1 goal
Tsubasa Mori -1 goal

Team Kazakhstan Scorers:

Aizhan Akilbayeva -2 goals
Anastassiya Mirshina -3 goals
Assel Jakayeva -1 goal
Natalya Alexandrova -1 goal
Marina Gritsenko -1 goal
Oxana Saichuk -2 goals

Game #4 USA vs Canada 12-11 (after penlaty)

Rivals Canada and the United States met in the final match of day three with Group A on the line. A thrilling match resulted with Team USA topping Canada 12-11 in a shootout. A back and forth match ensued with Canada taking the early advantage going up 2-0 early in the match. Team USA scored late in the period on a score from Colleen O'Donnell to draw within one after the first at 2-1. In the second Canada continued their surge going ahead 4-1 and 5-2 thanks to three goals in the period from Joelle Bekhazi. Priscilla Orozco cashed in on a penalty shot to draw the United States to within 5-4 at halftime. In the third quarter Bekhazi scored again to put Canada up 6-4. KK Clark would score two of the next three goals to keep Team USA close as they trailed 7-6 after three periods.

In the fourth Shae Fournier scored to open things for Canada to take an 8-6 lead. Kaleigh Gilchrist and Orozco answered with two straight goals to even the match at 8-8 with 3:47 remaining. Gilchrist hit again moments later to put Team USA up for the first time at 9-8. That didn't last long as Bekhazi scored her first goal with 2:39 left to tie the game at 9-9 and force the shootout. In the shootout Bekhazi and Kami Craig each connected first to make it 10-10. Monika Eggens followed and missed wide and Orozco was blocked to keep it even at 10-10. EB Keeve halted Fournier on her next attempt and Gilchrist followed with a goal for an 11-10 lead. Emma Wright scored next for Canada to even the match at 11-11. Maddie Musselman followed in round four with a goal. The final shooter for Canada, Christine Robinson, had to score to keep the match alive only to be blocked by Keeve who would finish with 20 saves on the night. 

Team USA Scorers:

Kaleigh Gilchrist -3 goals
KK Clark -2 goals
Priscilla Orozco -2 goals
Makenzie Fischer -1 goal
Colleen O'Donnell -1 goal

Team Canada Scorers:

Joelle Bekhazi -5 goals
Monika Eggens -1 goal
Shae Fournier -1 goal
Katrina Monton -1 goal
Krystina Alogbo -1 goal

(Courtesy of USA Water Polo)