Women's Intercontinental Tournament, Day 2: Team USA defeats Kazakhstan 16-5

World League

Game #1: Venezuela vs China 6-24

China and Venezuela kicked off day 2 of the FINA Intercontinental Women's Water Polo tournament today. Venezuela came out strong but could not hold off China's aggressive play. China led the first half 12-4 with a dominating offense. China's goalie Lin Peng played the entire game as well as Venezuela's goalie Angela Calvo. China went on to win the game 24-6.

The Chinese offense was led by Dong Lun Song scored 5 goals. Other scorers for China included: Li Shu Jin (2), Sun Yu Jun (3), Chew Hui Li (2), Zhang Cong (1), Zhao Zi Han (4), Tian Jia Ning (1), Wang Xin Yan (1). Venezuela's offense was lead by Yineldy Araujo with 3 goals. Other scorers included: Jeisnaimil Agelvis (2), Dulce Hernandez (1),Sun Ya Ting (5).

Team China Scorers:

Lun Song Dong -5 goals
Sun Yu Jun -3 goals
Chew Hui Li -2 goals
Sun Yating -5 goals
Zhang Cong -1 goal
Zhao Zi Han -4 goals
Tian Jia Ning -1 goal
Li Shu Jin -2 goals
Wang Xin Yan -1 goal

Team Venezuela Scorers:

Jeisnaimil Agelvis -2 goals
Dulce Hernandez -1 goal
Yineldy Araujo -3 goals

VEN vs CHN - credit: Jake Mater/USA Water Polo

Game #2: Canada vs Japan 15-6

Canada and Japan faced each other in the second game of the day here at Riverside Aquatics Complex. Canada started off the first half strong with putting in the first two goals of the game, but Japan was quick to answer each of those goals to keep it a close game. Canada took the lead to end the half 6-5. Second half was in favour of Canada as they came out strong offensively. Canada went on to win the game 15-6.

The Canadian offense was led by Krystina Alogbo, Monika Eggens, and Joelle Bekhazi with three goals a piece. Other scorers were Katrina Monton (1), Emma Wright (1), Carmen Eggens (1), Christine Robinson (1), Elyse Lemay-Lavoie (1). The Japanese offense was led by both Tsubasa Mori and Misa Shiga with two goals a piece. Other scorers were Ayaka Takahashi (1), and Yumi Nakano (1).

Team Canada Scorers:

Krystina Alogbo -3 goals
Monika Eggens -3 goals
Joelle Bekhazi -3 goals
Elyse Lemay-Lavoie -2 goals
Emma Wright -1 goal
Katrina Monton -1 goal
Christine Robinson -1 goal
Carman Eggens -1 goal

Team Japan Scorers:

Tsubasa Mori -2 goals
Misa Shiga -2 goals
Ayaka Takahashi -1 goal
Yumi Nakano -1 goal

CAN vs JPN - credit: Jake Mater/USA Water Polo

Game #3: Australia vs Brazil 9-6

The first half was a well fought battle to keep the score close. Australia came out with the first goal of the match, Brazil was quick to answer with a goal of their very own. Both teams scored two more goals ending the half a 3-3 tie. Australia came out and pulled away from Brazil throughout the last half and managed to score six more goals to win the game 9-6. Both Lilian Hedges for Australia and Tess Oliveria for Brazil played a phenomenal game as goalies.

Australian offense was lead by Gemma Beadsworth with four goals of her own. Other scorers included: Isobel Bishop(1), Ashleigh Southern(1), Maddy Steere (1), Keesja Gofers (1), Rowie Webster (1). Brazilian Offense was lead by Melani Dias with 3 goals of her own. Other scorers include: Viviane Bahia (1), Izabella Chiappini (2).

Team Australia Scorers:

Gemma Beadsworth -4 goals
Isobel Bishiop -1 goal
Ashleigh Southern -1 goal
Maddy Steere -1 goal
Keesja Gofers -1 goal
Rowie Webster -1 goal

Team Brazil Scorers:

Melani Dias -3 goals
Viviane Bahia -1 goal
Izabella Chiappini -2 goals

AUS vs BRA - credit: Jake Mater/USA Water Polo

Game #4: United States vs Kazakhstan 16-5

Last but not least, United States took on Kazakhstan in the final game of the day. USA with a great start. The U.S. came out and had three unanswered goals in the first three minutes and then Kazakhstan cooled things down by scoring their first goal. Once more the U.S. added some serious pressure to score yet another goal. Kazakhstan was quick to answer that goal making it a close game at 4-2. The first half ended with a 6-2 lead by United States, but once the second half was under way the U.S. took the reigns and scored six goals that went unanswered. Start of the third period Jillian Kraus managed to put it in the back of the net to stretch their lead to 13-2. Natalya Shepelina of Kazakhstan got around Keeve's who has been absolutely amazing having save after save to make the score 13-3. Once the ball got into the hands of Madeleine Mussleman she took a beautiful outside shot to answer the goal by Kazakhstan making the score 14-3. The U.S. was unstoppable tonight and ended the game with a few more goals in style making the end result 16-5.

United States offense was led by Jillian Kraus and Kaleigh Gilchrist with three goals a piece. Other scorers included: Madeline Rosenthal (1), Marisa Young (1), Colleen O'Donnell (2), Caroline Clark (2), Priscilla Orozco (1), Madeline Musselman (1), Makenzie Fischer (1), Kameryn Craig (2). Kazakhstan goals were scored by the following: Natalya Shepelina (1), Anna Turova (1), Anastassiya Mirshina (1), Zamaria Myrzabekova (1), Marina Gritsenko (1).

Team U.S. Scorers:

Jillian Kraus -3 goals
Kaleigh Gilchrist -3 goals
Madeline Rosenthal -1 goal
Marisa Young -1 goal
Colleen O'Donnell -2 goals
Caroline Clark -2 goals
Priscilla Orozco -1 goal
Madeline Musselman -1 goal
Makenzie Fischer -1 goal
Kameryn Craig -2 goal

Team Kazakhstan Scorers:

Natalya Shepelina -1 goal
Anna Turova -1 goal
Anastassiya Mirshina -1 goal
Zamaria Myrzabekova -1 goal
Marina Gritsenko -1 goal

(Courtesy of USA Water Polo)