Women's Intercontinental Tournament, Day 1: Australia upsets defending World League champion China

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Match reports

Game #1 Brazil vs Venezuela 12-2
Brazil and Venezuela kicked off the FINA Intercontinental Women's Water Polo tournament today May 20, 2014. Brazil won the game with a final score of 12-2. They led the game the whole time with a dominating offensive and solid play by both goalie's: Tess Oliveria who played 3 quarters and Victoria Chamarro who remained in goal for the rest of the game. Both goalies for Brazil allowed 1 goal each. 

The Brazilian offense was lead by Mirella Coutinlo and Izabella Chiappini who scored 3 goals a piece. Other scorers for Brazil included Mailina Canetti (2), Mailina Zablith (1), Amanda Oliveria (1), Melani Dias (1), and Diana Abla (1).  Venezuela's offense was lead by Ana Balsero who scored both goals for the team. Lorena Godoy was in goal for the whole game for Venezuela.

Team Brazil Scorers:
Mailina Zablith - 1 goal
Mailina Canetti - 2 goals
Izabella Chiappini - 3 goals
Amanda Oliveira - 1 goal
Melani Dias - 1 goal
Mirella Countinlo - 3 goals
Diana Abla - 1 goal

Team Venezuela Scorers:
Ana Balsero - 2 goals

BRA vs VEN - credit: Jake Mater/USA Water Polo

Game #2 Canada vs Kazakhstan 21-7

Canada and Kazakhstan faced each other in the second game of the day here at Riverside Aquatics Complex. The final score was  21-7. Canada was in command throughout the game and started off strong by scoring first two goals of the game.  Kazakhstan tied it up in the first but after that Canada took over offensively. Monika Eggens lead the Canadian offense with 6 goals. Axelle Crevier and Joelle Bekhazi also had strong offensive games with 3 goals apiece. Canada was also helped out with goals by Krystina Alogbo (2), Alexa Tielmann (2), Emma Wright (2), Katrina Monton (1), Elyse Lemay-Lavoie (1) and Shae Fournier (1). Nicola Colterjohn and Alicia Magliocco split time in net with a strong effort.

Kazakhstan played an aggressive game. They totalled 7 goals throughout 4 quarters with goals from Natalya Shepelina, Aizhan Akilbayeva, Anna Turova, Anastassiya Mirshina, Assel Jakayeva, Marina Gritsenko, and Natalya Alexandrova. Alexandra Zharkova was in goal for Kazakhstan.

Team Canada Scorers:
Monika Eggens - 6 goals
Axelle Crevier - 3 goals
Joelle Bekhazi - 3 goals
Krystina Alogbo - 2 goals
Alexa Tielmann - 2 goals
Emma Wright - 2 goals
Katrina Monton - 1 goal
Elyse Lemay-Lavoie - 1 goal
Shae Fournier - 1 goal

Team Kazakhstan Scorers:
Natalya Shepelina - 1 goal
Aizhan Akilbayeva - 1 goal
Anna Turova - 1 goal
Anastassiya Mirshina - 1 goal
Assel Jakayeva - 1 goal
Marina Gritsenko - 1 goal
Natalya Alexandrova - 1 goal

Game #3 Australia vs China 13-10

Australia and China played a tight game with Australia winning 13-10. The score remained close throughout the first 3 quarters with both teams taking the lead at different times. Australia scored 4 unanswered goals in the 4th quarter to pull ahead and take the lead.

Gemma Beadsworth was strong for Australia with 4 goals in the game. Other scorers for Australia were Rowie Webster (3), Ashleigh Southern (2), Sophie Smith (1), Jayde Appel (1), and Keesja Gofers (1). China's offense was lead by Zhao Zi Han who scared 4 goals with help for the other scorers Sun Yu Jun (2), Liu Ping (1), Sun Yating (1), Song Dong Lun (1), and Wang Xin Yan (1).

Team Australia Scorers:
Gemma Beadsworth - 4 goals
Jayde Appel - 1 goal
Rowie Webster - 3 goals
Ashleigh Southern - 3 goals
Keesja Gofers - 1 goal
Sophie Smith - 1 goal

Team China Scorers:
Sun Yu Jun - 2 goals
Sun Yating - 1 goal
Song Dong Lun - 1 goal
Zhao Zi Han - 4 goals
Wang Xin Yan - 1 goal
Liu Ping - 1 goal

AUS vs CHN - credit: Jake Mater/USA Water Polo

Game #4 USA vs Japan 14-5

USA and Japan played in the final game of the night at the FINA Intercontinental Water Polo Tournament. The final score of the game was 14 -5. USA ended the first quarter leading 2-1 with goals by Kami Craig and Priscilla Orozco. Craig scored the first goal of the game that was later followed by a Japan goal from Shino Magariyama. Orozco gave the US a lead with 11 seconds left in the first quarter.

Japan's Yumi Nakano scored first in the second quarter tying up the game. The United States answered with goals by Makenzie Fischer, Jillian Kraus, and another goal by Priscilla Orozco.

The United States expanded their lead in the third quarter. Kaleigh Gilchrist scored 2 goals in the quarter to help out the USA. Other USA goals came from Maddie Musselman, and Colleen O'Donnell. Japan scored 2 goals in the quarter with another goal by Yumi Nakano and Tsubasa Mori scored her first goal of the game.

The USA started off the fourth quarter strong with 3 unanswered goals scored by Jillian Kraus, KK Clark, and Kami Craig. Japan's Erina Kakiichi then scored making it 12-5. Maddie Rosenthal and Marisa Young scored the final goals of the game.
Team USA Scorers:
Priscilla Orozco - 2 goals
Kami Craig - 2 goals
Makenzie Fischer - 1 goal
Jillian Kraus - 2 goal
Maddie Musselman - 1 goal
Kaleigh Gilchrist - 2 goals
Colleen O' Donnell - 1 goal
KK Clark - 1 goal
Maddie Rosenthal - 1 goal
Marisa Young - 1 goal

USA vs JPN - credit: Jake Mater/USA Water Polo

(Courtesy of USA Water Polo)