PR 15 - Water Polo World Conference: “Sharing the Magic of Team Sports” in Cancun (MEX)


Lausanne (SUI), February 20, 2014 – The FINA aquatic community will gather on February 27-28, 2014 in Cancun (MEX) to attend the FINA World Water Polo Conference, a unique opportunity to hear from established team sports, newly popular sports, and representatives from the Water Polo family about the innovative ideas they have used to ensure continued success.

Under the motto “Sharing the Magic of Team Sports”, the conference will provide dedicated leaders within Water Polo with an exciting platform where FINA delegates will hear from international experts, drawing on their real-world learnings and giving practical tips to gain new insights and inspire visionary thinking that can be used in the future.

To inspire the Water Polo family, the FINA World Water Polo Conference will include:

• Inspiring success stories and key learnings from the established sport teams in the big leagues such as the NFL (American Football), NBA (Basketball), NHL (Ice Hockey), ICC (Cricket)

• Insights from the newly popular sports on how to break through the already crowded market and on how to capture the young audience’s attention and interest such as Rugby 7, BMX (Bicycle Motocross) and Beach Volleyball

• Views from sponsors and media partners perspectives including Arena, Dentsu, BrandActivator and Navigate Research

• Interesting success stories and input in Water Polo from both athletes and leaders

To view the detailed programme please click here: Programme

The great mix of people and the focus on offering enough time for discussion will certainly bring some interesting insights into how outsiders, athletes and sponsors view Water Polo and wish to make it an even more attractive game.

Media outlets such as Twitter will be used to broadcast the conference live, while videos will be available as soon as possible after the conclusion of the Conference.