Swimming Officials List #18 - Application

(deadline: 30 June 2014)

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The List N° 18 will be valid from the 1 January 2015 to the 31 December 2018, and will be composed of new certifications as well as the renewed certifications from List N° 16.

The maximum number of new applications and applications for renewal of existing certifications counted together which every Federation may file is three (3) Referees and two (2) Starters per period and list.

List N° 18 will include the periods of the 16th FINA World Championships 2015, Kazan (RUS), 5th FINA World Junior Swimming Championships 2015, Singapore (SIN), XXXI Olympic Games 2016, Rio de Janeiro (BRA), 13th FINA World Swimming Championships 2016 (25m), Windsor (CAN), 17th FINA World Championships 2017, Gualadajara (MEX), 6th FINA World Junior Swimming Championships 2017, Budapest (HUN), 3rd Youth Olympic Games 2018, Buenos Aires (ARG) and 14th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) 2018, place to be included at a later stage.

Organisers of the above-mentioned events are allowed to nominate extra Officials with a total number of Referees not exceeding eight (8) on both FINA Swimming Officials Lists for the specific period (that is list N° 17 and N° 18).

All applications must be filled out on the application form alt, to be returned to the FINA Office in Lausanne (SUI) no later than Monday 30 June 2014. The FINA TSC will consider these applications for final approval by the FINA Bureau.

Please note summary of the selection Criteria:

- Only Referees and Starters who have served in these positions at minimum two (2) National Championships (Seniors, Juniors or Age Group) during the last four (4) years can be accepted;
- Age limit: not older than 65 years by the end of the list.
- Each Federation can have 3 Referees and 2 Starters on the list; and
- Federations organising above-mentioned competitions can have up to eight (8) Referees combined on Lists No. 17 and No. 18.

Furthermore, please refer to the complete regulations alt regarding the Certification of International Swimming Officials.

We would like to remind you that in accordance with the FINA Rule BL 6:

The maximum age of Technical Officials (Judges, Starters and Referees) when officiating at FINA Championships or FINA Competitions, except Masters and Water Polo, shall be sixty five (65) years during the year of competition. For Water Polo, the age limit shall be fifty five (55) years during the year of competition. Technical Officials on the FINA Lists of International Referees, Starters or Judges above that age shall be entitled to officiate until the end of their appointment.

Accordingly only applicants born 1953 or later can be accepted.

We look forward to hearing from you and remain at your disposal for any further assistance or information you may need.