Synchronised Swimming Officials 2015 - Application

(deadline: 1st November 2014)

Applications for the 2015 FINA Synchronised Swimming Judges List:

- memorandum alt
- confirmation form alt coming soon
- activity report alt
- nomination form alt for new judges only
- 2013-2017 FINA Synchronised Swimming Practice Judging form alt

Regulations & Forms:

Please find enclosed the following forms:

1. Confirmation Table:

Please indicate the names and information for all the judges you wish to have on the 2015 list, reconfirmed judges and new judges.

2. Activity Report:

Please fill in one Activity Report per Judge reconfirmed.

3. Nomination Form (for new Judges only)

Please fill in one Nomination Form per new Judge elected.

Please provide a Passport / ID card copy for each new Judge nominated

Categories of Judges:

Please note that each FINA Member Federation is entitled to nominate up to a maximum of five (5) Synchronised Swimming Judges for the “G” list (General list). For each new Judge nominated, the National Federation must provide a Passport / ID card copy.

Also, each Federation may have a maximum of five (5) judges on the "B" list and five (5) on the "A" list.

When a judge is promoted from "General" to "B", the respective Federation may name a new judge to the “G” list (General list).

Age Limits:

 Please note that the maximum age for a Judge to be included in the FINA Synchronised Swimming Judges List is sixty-five (65), as per the FINA Rule BL 6:

 “The maximum age of Technical Officials (Judges, Starters and Referees) when officiating at FINA Championships or FINA Competitions, except Masters, shall be sixty-five (65) years during the year of competition. Technical Officials on the FINA Lists of International Referees, Starters or Judges above that age shall be entitled to officiate until the end of their appointment.”

 Practice Judges:

 Please find enclosed the FINA Synchronised Swimming Practice Judges Form to be returned at least 60 days before the beginning of the chosen competition.


Please note that the deadline for returning the applications related to the 2015 FINA Synchronised Swimming Judges List is NOVEMBER 1st 2014.

We would like to remind you that all applications forwarded after this deadline will not be taken into consideration.
Once the 2015 FINA Synchronised Swimming Judges List is established we will forward you the Judges Cards.