PR 69 - WP 20 & U (M): Italy gets the title after 10-7 win over Croatia


Lausanne (SUI), August 19, 2013 – The team of Italy won the FINA World Men’s Junior Water Polo Championships (20 Years & Under), after defeating Croatia by 10-7 in the final match of the competition, held in Szombathely (HUN) from August 12-18. Serbia, the winners in 2011, got the bronze medal, triumphing over the host team of Hungary by 13-10.

The Italians had a brilliant tournament, only conceding one tie (11-11) in the preliminaries, against the Magyars. In the quarterfinals, Italy defeated USA by an expressive 10-6, while in the semis, the 2013 champions had their most difficult win (5-4) against Serbia. The team of Croatia had five consecutive victories until the final, while the Serbians only lost their semi-final game.

In the remaining matches to define the first eight places of the tournament, USA was better (9-7) than Spain for the fifth position, while Brazil won by the minimal difference (9-8) against Australia and got the seventh spot of the competition.

Ivan Marcelic, from Croatia, and Kirill Rustamov (23 goals), from Uzbekistan, were respectively the best goalkeeper and best scorer of the Championships. Sixteen teams from the five continents took part in the competition.


1.    ITALY
3.    SERBIA

4.Hungary; 5. USA; 6. Spain; 7. Brazil; 8. Australia; 9. Japan; 10. Russia; 11. Canada; 12. Uzbekistan; 13. Slovakia; 14. South Africa; 15. Kazakhstan; 16. Colombia

Since 2011, the new age group competition format sees “20 Year & Under” taking part in the Junior World Championships in odd years and “18 Years & Under” in even years.

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