PR 52 - FINA Technical Congresses: Diving, Open Water, Water Polo and Synchro


Barcelona (ESP), July 18, 2013 - On July 17-18, 2013 FINA organised its first four Technical Congresses in Barcelona (ESP), before the start of the 15th FINA World Championships, which will be attended by 2300 athletes from a record number of 181 National Federations.

On July 17, the Technical Diving Congress made some minor adjustments in the Dive List and competition procedure, and defined the Team Event, involving one female and one male competitor. This event will be held at World Championships and World Cups. Concerning the safety of this discipline, it was approved that if during a diver, the athlete is unsafely close to the springboard or platform, the judges can only award a maximum of two points for that dive.

In Open Water Swimming, also on July 17, the main highlight was the approval of the maximum temperature of the water at FINA events, established at 31° Celsius. This value was defined after a thorough study carried out by FINA, IOC and International Triathlon Union, in co-operation with the University of Otago, in New Zealand.

FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Congress - credit: Giorgio Perottino/Deepbluemedia
FINA Technical Congress Open Water Swimming - credit: Giorgio Perottino/Deepbluemedia

On July 18, the Water Polo congress approved several changes, with the intent of producing more movement, creativity and speed in the game. These new rules will also assist in removing static situations and providing more clarity to the correct application of the rules, as in the advantage and wasting-time rules. The major adjustments include the possibility of each team having a timeout each quarter; the abolition of extra time, going straight to a penalty shootout where matches must reach a winning result; and that each team must have a maximum of 11 field players and two goalkeepers.

Finally, the Synchronised Swimming congress reviewed the rules on scoring, also with the aim of a better and simpler understanding of the judging procedure, by the athletes, coaches, media, and spectators. The Highlight Routine was also approved as official event for the World Trophy and World Cup, while new adjustments in the presentation of the competitors were also made.

“These Congresses represent a great opportunity, every four years, to update and improve our rules, with the outstanding contribution of our National Federations, Technical Committees and experts of our aquatic disciplines. Their valuable work will make our Sport even bigger, thus generating more interest in the five continents”, commented the FINA President Dr. Julio C. Maglione on these Congresses.

The Swimming and Masters Congresses will take place on July 25, while the General Congress is scheduled on July 26.

FINA Technical Congress Synchronised Swimming - credit: Giorgio Perottino/Deepbluemedia
FINA Technical Congress Synchronised Swimming - credit: Giorgio Perottino/Deepbluemedia

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