PR 48 - World League 2013 (M): Serbia triumphs over Hungary and pockets seventh crown


Lausanne (SUI), June 17, 2013 – In a thrilling final, the Serbian squad, 2012 Olympic bronze medallist, crushed strong rival Hungary 12-7 to pocket their seventh World League crown. Remaining unchallenged during the entire Super Final, Serbia re-affirmed their place among the top nations in the sport.

The silver is a nice result for the Hungarians, whose last podium appearance at this level was a gold-medal winning performance at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Hungary's World League tally now includes two titles (2003 and 2004), three silvers and one bronze medal.

In the fight for the minor medal, Montenegro edged the United States after penalty shootouts (10-10, 3-1). The 2009 World League winners had a rocky start losing to Hungary and Japan before bouncing back to oust the North Americans and secure a spot in the quarter finals.

In the remaining games, host Russia was too good for China, winning 17-8. Japan, whose squad impressed in this tournament notably with Koji Takei, best scorer with 17 goals, outscored Brazil 9-4.

The Most valuable player was Vanja Udovicic (SRB) while Milos Scepanovic (MNE) was named Best goalkeeper.

The FINA Water Polo World League Super Final 2013 was organised in Chelyabinsk (RUS) from June 11-16 and provided a unique opportunity for some of the world’s best water polo teams to face each other before the 15th FINA World Championships in Barcelona (ESP) next July.

The complete ranking of the FINA Men’s Water Polo World League 2013 is as follows:

1. Serbia (SRB) alt
2. Hungary (HUN) alt
3. Montenegro (MNE) alt
4. United States (USA) alt
5. Russia (RUS) alt
6. China (CHN) alt
7. Japan (JPN) JPN
8. Brazil (BRA) alt

MEDALLISTS at the FINA Men's World League

2002: 1. RUS, 2. ESP, 3. HUN
2003: 1. HUN, 2. ITA, 3. USA
2004: 1. HUN, 2. SCG, 3. GRE
2005: 1. SCG, 2. HUN, 3. GER
2006: 1. SCG, 2. ESP, 3. GRE
2007: 1. SRB, 2. HUN, 3. AUS
2008: 1. SRB, 2. USA, 3. AUS
2009: 1. MNE, 2. CRO, 3. SRB
2010: 1. SRB, 2. MNE, 3. CRO
2011: 1. SRB, 2. ITA, 3. CRO
2012: 1. CRO, 2. ESP, 3. ITA

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