Water polo clinic for Referees is a hit in Valparaiso (CHI)

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22 participants took part in a FINA clinic for water polo referees and officials (beginner to intermediate level), organised in Valparaiso, Chile, from March 19-24, 2013. American water polo referee Humberto Navarro, who has officiated for almost 20 years at national and international levels, was the expert on hand for the course.

The clinic was held in conjunction with the South American Youth Championships, which provided an opportunity to test the participants' newly acquired skills. Navarro talked about the referee's responsibilities, code of ethics, position and function, among other topics.

The participants in Valparaiso (CHI)

"We saw progress in all participants, the application of the various points of the clinic during the games, the understanding of the functions of the referee in the game, the correct application of the advantage and proper collaboration between referees was the end result of our clinic," noted Navarro.