PR 26 - Men's World League: Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary and Russia confirm presence in Super Final


Lausanne (SUI), March 28, 2013 – The teams of Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary and Russia confirmed their presence in the Super Final of the competition, after the fifth and penultimate round of the European preliminaries, held in various cities on March 27, 2013.

In Group A, the Montenegrins travelled to Athens and defeated the home team of Greece by 9-8. It was the fifth win of Montenegro out of the five games contested so far. Despite a comfortable victory (20-1) against Turkey in Zadar, Croatia, the 2012 Olympic champion, is second of the group and cannot reach the lead, whatever the outcome will be in the sixth and final round of the preliminaries.

In Group B, Serbia increased its lead and is the virtual winner of the group, after beating Spain in Barcelona by 8-6. In a three-team group, the Balkan team finished with four victories in four matches, while the remaining game to be played in the sixth round – ESP-GER – will not have any impact on the final outcome.

Finally, in Group C, Hungary also confirmed its good shape, defeating Italy in Bari by 8-7. With this triumph, the Magyars definitively assumed the lead of the group, with five wins in five games. The second qualifier of this group is Russia (lost 8-12 against Romania), as host of the Super Final, to be held in Chelyabinsk from June 11-16, 2013.

The remaining four teams taking part in the Super Final will be chosen after the conclusion of the tournament in Americas (May 24-27, two teams to qualify) and in Asia-Oceania (May 9-14, two teams to qualify).

European Preliminaries (rankings after fifth round):
GROUP A: 1. MNE, 15 pts (5 wins); 2. CRO, 9 (3W, 2 losses); 3. GRE, 6 (2W, 3L); 4. TUR, 0 (5L)
GROUP B: 1. SRB, 12 pts (4W); 2. ESP, 2 (1W, 2L); 3. GER, 1 (3L)
GROUP C: 1. HUN, 15 pts (5W); 2. ITA, 7 (2W, 3L); 3. ROU, 5 (2W, 3L); 4. RUS, 3 (1W, 4L)

Sixth and final round:
Group A: CRO-GRE and MNE-TUR (March 30)
Group B: ESP-GER (March 30)
Group C: HUN-RUS (March 29) and ROU-ITA (March 30)

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