Swimming clinic benefits parents and coaches in Dar-es-Salam (TAN)

Development News

The first beginner-level clinic for swimming coaches was organised at Dar-es-Salam's International School of Tanganyika, in Tanzania from June 4–13, 2012 with German Gerd Nottelmann as lecturer. About 50 participants came from different parts of the country to attend the clinic which addressed, among other topics, the understanding and good practices for the basics of learning how to swim. All participants were eager to learn and took part actively in the course.

The clinic really helped both coaches and teachers improve the quality of swimming instructions and helped coaches prepare appropriate work-outs for each swimmer, according to level and age.

Nottelmann also emphasised that beginners should master basic movements, find rhythm, enjoy water and have fun before proceeding to higher level of training and progress in the sport.
The clinic was divided in two parts: the first one focused on basic training and learning how to swim; the second was designed for rules and officiating. Most of the participants for this last part were parents and coaches who normally help as officials for local competitions.


Participants had an opportunity to go through FINA rules of the game, watch videos and example of both legal and illegal practices during competitions. Practical sessions also took place.

(from Marcelino Ngalioma's report, Tanzania Swimming Association)