One step further for Aquatics in Rwanda

Development News

In collaboration with FINA (under its Development programme 2012), the Rwanda swimming federation (FRNA) organised a ten-day clinic from March 10-19 called "Technical course for coaches level one" in Kigali, Rwanda. There were 34 participants, all Rwandans except one trainee from Kenya. The course also welcomed athletes as observers in oorder to increase their skills on officiating issues.

This course was facilitated by German expert Gerd Nottelmann. The sessions were highly interactive and Nottelmann's knowledge and excellent teaching methods were much appreciated. The ten-day clinic was a great success, with all participants showing enthusiasm and willingness to learn. All acknowledged that they found the clinic rewarding.

Gerd Nottelmann (second from left, first row) with all participants

Nottelmann also advised the national federation on Rescuing (life-saving) issues and about the foundation of a Rwandan Swimming Coaches Association.

Samuel Ufitimana Kinimba from the Rwanda swimming federation said:

"We are of the firm view that all objectives were fully met and we hope that those who have been trained will develop shortly the Swimming sport in Rwanda from level of amateur sports to the top-level sports while detecting the talents in young swimmers."