PR 17 - China delights fans in the “Water Cube” in Beijing


Lausanne (SUI), March 24, 2012 – In front of its fans at the “Water Cube” in Beijing, the team of China dominated without surprise the second meet of the FINA/Midea World Series 2012, taking place in the Chinese capital from March 23-24, getting all the eight gold medals at stake.

On Day 1, the four finals were won by the same athletes that had triumphed in Dubai (UAE, the first meet of the series on March 16-17): Olympic and world gold medallist Chong He in the men’s 3m springboard and his compatriots Yuan Cao/Yanquan Zhang in the 10m platform synchro. Among women, Olympic champion Ruolin Chen easily dominated the operations in the 10m platform, while world champion Minxia Wu successfully paired with Zi He in the 3m springboard synchro.

Kai Qin (CHN), third in Dubai in the men’s 3m springboard, upgraded his medal in Beijing, while Julian Sanchez (MEX) finished with the bronze in the “Water Cube”. In the men’s synchronised event, the minor medals went to Great Britain (silver, with Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield – fourth in the Emirates) and to Germany (bronze for Patrick Hausding and Sascha Klein – fifth in the first leg of the series). In the women’s field, China also did the 1-2 in the individual 10m platform, with Yadan Hu getting the silver behind Chen. As in Dubai, Malaysian Pandelela Rinong Pamg got the bronze. Paola Espinosa (MEX), second in the Emirates, finished fifth in Beijing. In the synchro event, Kelci Bryant/Abigail Johnston (USA) and Jennifer Abel/Emilie Heymans (CAN) finished tied for the silver (306.30), but an additional dive to untie gave the silver to USA (71.10) and the bronze to Canada (68.40).

On Day 2, the only minor surprise was the victory of Zi He (CHN) over her compatriot Minxia Wu in the women’s 3m springboard (Wu had won in Dubai and is the world champion of this event). In the other three finals, the gold medallists of Dubai were the same: Bo Qiu (CHN) in the men’s 10m platform, Kai Qin/Yutong Luo (CHN) in the men’s 3m springboard synchro, and Ruolin Chen/Hao Wang (CHN) in the women’s 10m platform synchro.

In the individual events, Tania Cagnotto (ITA) got also the bronze in Beijing in the 3m springboard, while Thomas Daley (GBR) was again silver medallist in the 10m platform. On the synchro events, the minor medals went to Mexico, Canada, Ukraine and Germany. 
The World Series’ next stop is Moscow (RUS) from April 13-14 and last meet is Tijuana (MEX) from April 20-21. Follow all the action of the FINA/Midea Diving World Series 2012 on FINA TV and iPhone/iPad (LIVE+ application @appstore) by visiting


Men’s 3m springboard: 1. Chong He (CHN) 548.70; 2. Kai Qin (CHN) 509.55; 3. Julian Sanchez (MEX) 471.05
Men’s 10m platform: 1. Bo Qiu (CHN) 566.50; 2. Thomas Daley (GBR) 541.15; 3. Peter Waterfield (GBR) 531.80
Men’s 3m springboard synchro: 1. Kai Qin/Yutong Luo (CHN) 464.49; 2. Illya Kvasha/Oleksyi Prygorov (UKR) 431.43; 3. Stephan Feck/Patrick Hausding (GER) 426.96
Men’s 10m platform synchro: 1. Yuan Cao/Yanquan Zhang (CHN) 480.18; 2. Thomas Daley/Peter Waterfield (GBR) 437.40; 3. Patrick Hausding/Sascha Klein (GER) 431.64

Women’s 3m springboard
: 1. Zi He (CHN) 395.55; 2. Minxia Wu (CHN) 394.50; 3. Tania Cagnotto (ITA) 353.25
Women’s 10m platform: 1. Ruolin Chen (CHN) 422.55; 2. Yadan Hu (CHN) 400.65; 3. Pandelela Rinong Pamg (MAS) 372.15
Women’s 3m springboard synchro: 1. Zi He/Minxia Wu (CHN) 347.70; 2. Kelci Bryant/Abigail Johnston (USA) 306.30; 3. Jennifer Abel/Emilie Heymans (CAN) 306.30
Women’s 10m platform synchro: 1. Ruolin Chen/Hao Wang (CHN) 360.66; 2. Paola Espinosa/Alejandra Orozco (MEX) 327.48; 3. Meaghan Benfeito/Roseline Filion (CAN) 326.10