PR 15 - European preliminaries: final round will decide winner in Group C


Lausanne (SUI), March 19, 2012 – The fifth preliminary round of the European groups of the FINA Men’s Water Polo World League 2012 was not conclusive on the winner of Group C, the team qualified for the Super Final of the competition, to be held in Almaty (KAZ) from June 12-17.

On March 6 in Barcelona, the local team of Spain defeated 11-7 the leader of the group, Romania. In the first game between the two squads, on December 6, 2011 in Oradea, the Iberians had lost 8-9. In the case of a victory in Spain, the Romanians would have secured their Super Final ticket, but the good performance of Spain postponed the decision for the sixth and last round.

In the other match of the group, on March 17, Greece naturally defeated Turkey by 9-3 in Istanbul.

Romania still leads with 12 points, but Greece and Spain are second with 9. The last round of games, to be held on March 20, will see Greece receiving Romania and Turkey travelling to Spain.

In Group A and B, the already qualified Italy and Croatia respectively, confirmed their good shape. In Cremona, on March 6, Italy received Great Britain and won by an expressive 14-1, while in Rijeka, the Croatians also defeated easily FYR Macedonia by 12-4. The sixth and last game of Group B also took place (on March 15), with the victory of FYR Macedonia over Germany (13-12, by penalties) in Skopje.
Provisional rankings:
GROUP A: 1. ITA, 12 pts (4 wins); 2. RUS, 3 (1W, 2 losses); 3. GBR, 0 (3L)
GROUP B (final): 1. CRO, 11 pts (4W); 2. GER, 5 (1W, 3L); 3. MKD, 2 (1W, 3L)
GROUP C: 1. ROU, 12 pts (4W, 1L); 2. GRE, 9 (3W, 2L); 3. ESP, 9 (3W, 2L); 4. TUR, 0 (5L)

Final round (in Europe):
Group A: GBR-RUS (March 20, 2012)
Group C: GRE-ROU & ESP-TUR (March 20, 2012)