PR 04 - World-class open water swimmers gather for first 10km showdown


Lausanne (SUI), January 27, 2012 – The series of FINA’s two major open water swimming circuits resume this Sunday January 29. Santos (BRA) will host the inaugural leg of the 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup while the Open Water Swimming Grand Prix continues in Argentina with a 57km race between Santa Fe and Coronda.

31 women and 58 men will take the plunge in Santos with amongst them, some big names in the world of open water. From last year’s series, it is an all-German line-up with Angela Maurer, Nadine Reichert (overall winner and runner-up, respectively), Christian Reichert and Andreas Waschburger (second and third in the final ranking).

Medallists in the 10km event from the last FINA World Championships Martina Grimaldi (ITA), Marianna Lymperta (GRE), who captured silver and bronze, World champion Spyridon Gianniotis (GRE) and third-place finisher Sergey Bolshakov (RUS) will also enter the race.

The competition calendar includes eight meets, stretching from January to October in South and North America, and Asia. The prize money for the winner of the series in each category is of US$ 20’000.

FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup 2012 calendar:

FIRST RACE: January 29 in Santos (BRA)
Race 2: February 4 in Viedma (ARG)
Race 3: April 1 in Eilat (ISR)
Race 4: April 21 in Cancun (MEX)
Race 5: July 26 in Lac St-Jean (CAN)
Race 6: August 11 in Lac Megantic (CAN)
Race 7: October 7 in Hong Kong (HKG)
Race 8: October 14 in Shantou (CHN)

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FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix 2012 calendar:

Race 1: January 22 in Rosario (ARG, 15km)

NEXT RACE: January 29 in Santa Fe-Coronda (ARG, 57km)
Race 3: February 5 in Hernandarias-Parana (ARG, 88km)
Race 4: June 17 in Capri-Napoli (ITA, 36km)
Race 5: July 28 in Lac St-Jean (CAN, 32km)
Race 6: August 4 in Lac Magog (CAN, 34km)
Race 7: August 5 in Sabac (SRB, 19km)
Race 8: August 11 in Ohrid Lake (MKD, 33km)

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