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HistoFINA compiles results from all previous events, including Olympic Games, FINA World Championships (organised since 1973) and FINA's other major competitions for swimming, diving, water polo, synchronised swimming and open water swimming. Included are the standings of the first three places followed by several classifications which are listed either by the number of titles or medals by athlete or by National Federation.

For Swimming, there are three different studies: one relating to Olympic Games (since 1896), and two compiling statistics of competitions at the FINA World Championships (50m) held since 1973 and FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) organised since 1993, the women's and men's podiums and number of medals obtained by National Federation.
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This study is divided in two parts. The first part sums up the dates and sites of the diving events at the Olympic Games held since 1904 (diving is under FINA's umbrella since 1912), the World Championships, the World Cups, the Diving World Series and the Diving Grand Prix (including Super Finals). The second part indicates the standings of the best three divers/pair at all events of these competitions and several other classifications.

Water Polo
The dates, sites and standings of the water polo events of the Olympic Games since 1900 (under FINA's umbrella since 1912), the World Championships, the World Cups (organised since 1979), the Men’s and Women's World League, since 2002 and 2004 respectively, and the Men’s Water Polo Development Trophy (launched in 2007) as well as several other classifications are to be found in this study.
SynchroniSed Swimming
This is a presentation of all past results for synchronised swimming at the Olympic Games (since 1984), the World Championships, the World Cups and the recently-created World Trophy (since 2006).
Open Water Swimming
In this study, you will find dates, sites and results for the World FINA open water swimming events, notably the first edition at the Olympic Games (2008), the World Championships (since 1991) and the yearly circuits (since 2007) of the 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup and the Open Water Swimming Grand Prix.