PR 58 - Aquatics Family together in Punta del Este (URU)


Lausanne (SUI), September 26, 2010 – More than 450 delegates including representatives of the 202 FINA National Federations, but also commercial partners & sponsors, sports business companies, organisers, bidders or media will gather in Punta del Este (URU), for the 1st FINA World Aquatics Convention, to be held from September 27-29, 2010.

During three days and under the motto “Together we can make Aquatics bigger”, presentations, workshops and an exhibition area will allow the Aquatics Family to network and to build-up future partnership opportunities.

This Convention has two main goals: firstly to present the FINA of the 21st century, and secondly to provide a Development Plan to FINA Members. To fulfil the first objective, discussions on new trends in media, sponsorship & promotion, TV exposure of the Aquatic disciplines or new opportunities of financing will be presented.

To achieve the second priority of this Convention, a “FINA National Federation Development Plan Handbook” has been published and will be provided to FINA Members, highlighting new trends in governance, management, budgeting or volunteers’ recruitment.

“This Convention aspires to be useful, helpful and essential in giving the keys for an optimal management of our National Federations activities, and for the improvement of their strategy concerning the organisation and delivery of aquatic events, and the promotion of their athletes and competitions. In Uruguay, the Aquatic Family will have the opportunity to be together, to improve its relationship, and to construct new bridges of partnership for the future,” considers the FINA President, Dr. Julio C. Maglione.

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