PR37 - Nis (SRB) welcomes best eight teams for the Super Final


The city of Nis (SRB) will welcome, from July 13-18, the best eight teams participating in the 2010 FINA Men’s Water Polo World League Super Final. The national squads in action will be Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia, Spain, USA, Australia, China and South Africa.

As in previous years, the Balkan teams are the ones to beat in this competition, with the status of favourite going to Serbia. As organiser of this Super Final, winner on five occasions (out of eights editions so far) and 2009 World champions, the Serbians are natural contenders for the gold. But their neighbours Montenegro and Croatia will certainly have their say in the competition – Montenegro won the last edition and Croatia got the silver, both in front of Serbia.

The team of Spain, 2009 silver medallists at the World Championships, could be the outsider of this Super Final, while USA and Australia will also fight for a podium finish. China and South Africa will most probably not reach the medal area, but will certainly aim at progressing in the world hierarchy.

PROGRAMME of the FINA Men’s World League Super Final 2010

Group A: USA, Montenegro, China, Spain        
Group B: Australia, Serbia, South Africa, Croatia

Tuesday, July 13: MNE-CHN; AUS-CRO; USA-ESP; SRB-RSA
Wednesday, July 14: USA-CHN; AUS-RSA; MNE-ESP; SRB-CRO
Thursday, July 15: CHN-ESP; RSA-CRO; MNE-USA; SRB-AUS
Friday, July 16: 2A-3B; 3A-2B; 1A-4B; 4A-1B
Saturday, July 17: Semi-finals 5-8 (2 games); Semi-finals 1-4 (2 games)
Sunday, July 18: Games for places 7-8, 5-6, 3-4 and 1-2

MEDALLISTS of the FINA Men’s World League
2002: 1. RUS, 2. ESP, 3. HUN
2003: 1. SCG, 2. HUN, 3. ITA
2004: 1. HUN, 2. SCG, 3. GRE
2005: 1. SCG, 2. HUN, 3. GER
2006: 1. SCG, 2. ESP, 3. GRE
2007: 1. SRB, 2. HUN, 3. AUS
2008: 1. SRB, 2. USA, 3. AUS
2009: 1. MNE, 2. CRO, 3. SRB
SCG - Serbia-Montenegro; SRB - Serbia

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