PR31 - All Teams for Super Final selected


With the conclusion of the preliminary rounds in both the men’s and women’s FINA Water Polo World Leagues 2010, all the teams qualified for the Super Finals of these competitions have now been decided.

On the women’s side, four European national squad have secured a spot in the Super Final to be held in San Diego (California, USA), on June 28-July 3, 2010.

The teams of Greece, Netherlands, Russia and Hungary will join those of Canada, USA, Australia and China already qualified for the final and decisive stage of the competition.  

The Netherlands and Russia finished both on top of the list of the preliminary round of Europe, firstly organised on June 9-13 in Athens (GRE) and Budapest (HUN), and then on June 16-20 in the cities of Nancy (France) and Messina (Italy), each obtaining seven victories and one loss.

Besides the four qualified teams, the other countries involved in these preliminaries were Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, and one African team, South Africa.

In the men’s field, the remaining group, Africa, ended its two-round tournament in Tunis (TUN) from June 17-20, 2010.

South Africa was the only team to qualify for the Super Final that will take place on July 13-18, 2010, in Nis (Serbia). Tunisia and Algeria finished in second and third positions respectively, while Morocco was defeated in all the six games.

South Africa completes the list of the men’s qualifiers for the Super Final, along with Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia, Spain, USA, Australia and China.

2010 SUPER FINALS (Qualified teams):

Men - Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia, Spain, USA, Australia, China and South Africa.

Women - Greece, Netherlands, Russia, Hungary, Canada, USA, Australia and China

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