At the end of a three-day meeting in Dubai (UAE), from March 12-14, 2009, the FINA Bureau’s main decisions were:

New Federations affiliated to FINA: Fédération Djiboutienne de Natation, Fédération Tchadienne de Natation and Fédération Centrafricaine de Natation. The total number of FINA National Federations is presently of 201.

new age limits for the FINA World Junior Swimming Championships (boys – 16-18 years old; girls – 15-17 years old);
due to availability reasons, postponement in the introduction of the new starting blocks, which will only be used after the 13th FINA World Championships Rome 2009. In these championships, will be used the same starting blocks as the ones used at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing (CHN);
introduction of an underwater video judging system (used to confirm and/or overrule stroke infraction calls made on the deck) at the 13th FINA World Championships Rome 2009;
approval of the FINA World Swimming Calendar 2010-2013, including the December spot (on even years) for the FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) and the August period (in uneven years) for the FINA World Junior Swimming Championships.

Open Water Swimming:
Establishment of the dates of the 6th FINA World Open Water Swimming Championships in Roberval (CAN) – July 15-23, 2010.

New location for the 2010 FINA Diving World Cup (to be hosted by the Chinese Swimming Association).

Water Polo:
Approval in principle of the organisation of a FINA World Water Polo Championships B, starting from 2012.

Synchronised Swimming:
Establishment of the rules for the 2009 Synchro World Trophy (to be held in Montreal, CAN, from November 27-29), including a thematic duet, thematic team and free combination event and a gala show at the end of the competition. These new ideas are aimed to increase the spectacular aspect of this discipline.

Establishment of the programme and dates (July 28-August 7) of the 13th FINA World Masters Championships, to be held in 2010, in Gothenburg and Boras (SWE).

Upcoming FINA Competitions: Very positive and encouraging reports were presented by the Organisers of the next FINA major competitions: 13th FINA World Championships Rome 2009, 6th FINA World Open Water Swimming Championships Roberval (CAN) in 2010, 13th FINA World Masters Championships Gothenburg/Roberval (SWE) in 2010, 10th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) Dubai 2010, 14th FINA World Championships Shanghai 2011, 3rd FINA World Junior Swimming Championships Lima (PER) 2011, 11th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) Istanbul 2012.

Proposal of rules changes for FINA Congresses: revision and approval of the proposals and amendments to the Constitution, General Rules, By-laws, Doping and Facilities rules, as well as Technical rules for each of our five disciplines (swimming, water polo, diving, synchronised swimming and marathon swimming). All this will be presented to the General Congress and Technical Congresses to be held in Rome this July with the occasion of the 13th FINA World Championships.

Amendments to the FINA Swimwear Approval Procedures: the Bureau approved the “Dubai Charter” (see attached document) to be immediately implemented.

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