Sports Medicine Committee 2013 - 2017

During the 1964 FINA Congress in Tokyo, the Bureau voted to nominate a Medical Sub-Committee. The first body was formed in 1966 and, two years later, a Medical Committee under the name of International Sports Medicine Committee was considered as being equivalent to a technical committee.

Zachary Firsov (URS, 1966-1984), Jose Antonio Merino (ESP, 1984-1992), Allan B. Richardson (USA, 1992-2000), David Francis Gerrard (NZL, 2000-2001) and now Margo Lynn Mountjoy (CAN) have presided over this Committee. The Hon. Secretaries: E. Gebhardt (GDR, 1969-1972), H. N. Bleasdale (GBR, 1972-1976), A. J. Bert de Pape (CAN, 1976-1992), J. Malcom Cameron (GBR, 1992-2000), Margo Lynn Mountjoy (CAN, 2000-2001), Peter E. Snape (GBR, 2001- 2003) and, since 2003, Eide Luebs (GER).

1 Dr Cees-Rein VAN DEN HOOGENBAND Chairman
2 Dr David GERRARD Vice-Chairman
3 Dr Saul MARKS Honorary Secretary
4 Dr Mohamed YAHIA CHERIF Member
5 Dr Edgar Ivan ORTIZ LIZCANO Member
6 Dr Jim MILLER Member
7 Dr Farhad MORADI SHAHPAR Member
8 Dr Kevin T. Boyd Member
9 Dr Kyriakos NANOUSIS Member
10 Dr Margo MOUNTJOY Bureau Liaison
11 Dr Yifan LU Member