Technical Water Polo Committee 2013 - 2017

During the 1930 FINA Congress in Berlin, the draft of the Honorary Secretary regarding the constitution of an International Water Polo Board (IWPB) was unanimously approved. This Board was constituted of four FINA Members and four Members nominated by the governing bodies of England, Scotland and Wales representing Great Britain, and every Member of the Board had to be on the official list of Referees for his country. Six years later, under a French proposal, the composition of the IWPB was modified so that only the FINA Bureau could appoint Members of this Committee. In 1968, FINA Congress confirmed a change of name from the IWPB to the FINA Technical Water Polo Committee.

The chairmen of the committee since 1952 were: Jan de Vries (NED, 1952-1956), S. Zuckerman (SWE, 1957-1960), Bela Rajki (HUN, 1961-1968), Jay-Ehret Mahoney (USA, 1969-1972), Alberto Amaya Cano (MEX, 1973-1980), Misha Radan (YUG, 1980-1984), Guillermo Martinez (CUB, 1984-1988), Kenkichi Hirai (JPN, 1988-1992), Joaquin Pujol (ESP, 1992-1996), Gianni Lonzi (ITA, since 1996).

Since 1953, seven officials have served as Honorary Secretary: E.J. Scott (GBR, 1953-1960), C. W. Plant (GBR, 1960-1972), Robert Helmick (USA, 1972-1976), Jay-Ehred Mahney (USA, 1976-1980), Peter Montgomery (AUS, 1980-1992), William Shaw (CAN, 1992-1996), John Whitehouse (AUS, since 1996).

1 Gianni LONZI Chairman
2 Khosrow AMINI Vice-Chairman
3 John WHITEHOUSE Honorary Secretary
4 Mohy el Din WAHED FARIED Member
5 Guy PINKER Member
6 William SHAW Member
7 Takeshi INOUE Member
8 Katsumi KURODA Member
10 Manuel IBERN Member
11 Niculae FIROIU Member
12 Richard PAPAZIAN Member
13 Peter BOOKELMAN Member
14 Evgeny SHARONOV Member
15 Aleksandar SOSTAR Member
16 Farid EL ALLAM Events Sub-Committee
17 Jacques RACINE Events Sub-Committee
18 Dimitris DIATHESOPOULOS Bureau Liaison